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A Filler Post 26

dammit im mad

p.s. notice: 26th filler post, posted july 26th

What I Write Posts For

Once upon a land, in a time far, far ago, some guy asked me, “What the fuck are you doing you fucking retard? This fucking blog fucking sucks fucking dicks! Why the fuck do you even care so much about your fucking shit-ass site you fucking retard? Nobody even reads your fucking blog. Who the fuck are you trying to write for anyways? Go drown in a fucking well off the coast of Fucking, Austria!”

I may be paraphrasing, but this did cause me to have a revelation. After all, what’s the point of publishing a post every day for the past two (soon to be three) years when a) nobody reads them b) I don’t have fun writing the posts c) see (psst that was a pun)? I mean, shit, the last six anime I watched were complete and trite tripe, and those six serious are seriesly the only anime I have watched for the past nine months.

That’s the state of this blog’s degeneration! I don’t even watch anime anymore!

So, something’s obviously wrong.

After waking up at 8am this morning only to realize the full impact of reality, I admit I was extremely hostile but instead of mass tweeting philosophy, I took a long walk in a nature preserve near my place. I sat next to a stream for a good hour thinking about everything. I came back at around 11 and after a few minutes to myself, I decided to write this post.

I write posts because it’s fun.

I write posts to entertain.

Enough of this episodic crap. I’m not going to continue writing this worthless drivel about my personal interpretations of Mouretsu Pirates’s geopolitical ramifications, nor about the inner conspiracy to create a clone of Madoka in Black Rock Shooter (replete with filled-in star symbol). I’m going to write bad Sword Art Online fapfics and NOBODY CAN STOP ME



You Say Tuesdays

Don’t worry. This isn’t an actual post. I’m just scrambling to rewrite old posts that haven’t been written yet, and here’s something you guys don’t have to read.

It’s time for another weekly segment.

Every Tuesday from now on will have a brief (or, maybe not-so-brief) post about some debatable topic. As we’re not experts here (nor are we excessively opinionated), we’ll turn to you, the nonexistent viewership, for the actual discussion. We’ll just provide the topics. Yep, as opposed to I Say Wednesdays (hint: pronounce it ‘essay’), it’s now time to roll out You Say Tuesdays.

“But Mushyrulez,” nobody will ask, “That’s a fucking horrible idea!”

Please enlighten me about how in any way it is horrible, Mr. Nobody.

“Alright. Firstly, you suck at writing brief posts, and everything you write is boring, bombastic, biased, bigoted, and plain ol’ bad!”

I commend your alliteration skills. However, I must retort that… uh… never mind. Continue.

“Secondly, the topics you choose for discussion are going to be stupid, and you’re probably going to burn out from frustration three weeks into this charade!”

You have a point there.

“Finally, my name is not Mr. Nobody! I’m a figment of your imagination, and everything that’s a figment of your imagination is female! In fact, I’m Ms. Nobody! Furthermore, the plural of ‘Tuesday’ is ‘Tuesdaies’, not ‘Tuesdays’! Is the plural of ‘fly’ ‘flys’ or ‘flies’?”

OBJECTION. The plural of a noun ending in -y only ends in -ies if a consonant immediately precedes it, except for exceptions such as ‘standbys’!

“Well, ‘Tuesdaies’ is also an exception, just like ‘sundaes’, the plural of ‘sundae’. REGARDLESS, you are a fucking loser for talking to yourself simply because nobody reads this blog!” [/emperorj]

So? It’s Tuesday. What do you guys think?

Am I a loser or not?




A picture of @KomeijiKoishi.

When I grow up I want to be mars.

A Two-Feet Long Diary: Month 6

Aw yeah, look at my sweet frog pajamas. They’re like hakase’s pajamas except 1) hakase doesn’t have frog pajamas 2) that’s a sweater 3) those are feet 4) IT’S TIME FOR A FEET VIDEO AGAIN

You’re on the weird part of O-New»

This is Anime and Grantland

Recently, Kriz on Baka Laureate wrote a lengthy piece questioning not just his blog, but aniblogging as we know it. He challenges himself to hone his craft, and our community to do the same. We at O-New do not know how to back down from such a challenge.

So it happens that another blog has issued a challenge. Over at The Beautiful World, Kitsune and Neko asked for our Genshiken Diaries. In other words, they would like to hear about the real world experiences that led to our involvement in modern visual culture. Perhaps one might interpret this challenge as a mere request, but again we do not accept such questioning and will respond in kind.

A Filler Post 25

We’re posting 10 times a week now, and the fourth post in this new schedule is…

…you guessed it, a filler post. Actually, no, you didn’t guess it because it says ‘A FILLER POST’ right up there in LARGE LETTERS. Letters of largeness -> Lol

Anyways, just to remind you guys that I Say Wednesdays is coming up tomorrow on, you guessed it, Wednesday. Actually, no, you didn’t guess it because it says ‘I Say Wednesdays’ right up there in BLUE. Blu -> BL

Did you know: the next post in the Czerny series is out, as a Musical Monday. Except, since we’re posting twice on Mondays, we’ve actually got TWO music posts for Monday, and the second ISN’T about silly ol’ Czerny; it’s about silly ol’ Hanon and his silly ol’ Frenchman ways. I mean, and his silly ‘lil exercises. S(illy) L(il) E(xercises) -> SLE -> silly

Finally, I really wish more people would comment on O-New. Unfortunately, saying that just makes me seem like I’m whining about not getting comments on posts that are AbsoluteShit255 (not saying that az’s posts are shit, but I’m going to use this AbsolutePun255 veeeeery often from now on). But I mean, shit comments on shit posts are entertaining as shit (pun intended), and thoughtful comments on shit posts make me feel warm and fuzzy inside at realizing how shitty I was a mere year ago. This does not mean I grew smarter; it simply means that I’m running out of shit to write.

tl;dr: just another shitty day at o-new

CANADA DAY and Flare’s Birthday

Hey everybody. Guess what day it is.

THAT’S RIGHT, it’s CANADA DAY, the 145th ANNIVERSARY of the DAY that CANADA became a country under the British Empire! It also happens to be several months after the 30th ANNIVERSARY of the DAY that CANADA didn’t have to ask the British Parliament every single time we wanted to change the constitution! OK, I admit, the latter sounds less impressive but until then Canada wasn’t really a sovereign state! Now, we still sorta belong to the Commonwealth but we can do whatever we want!

Similarly, O-New can do whatever we want as well: except we CAN’T because only I can do whatever I want, and I’m an egotistical bastard that won’t let you guys do whatever you want.

As recompense, let’s all wish Flare a not-too-sad birthday in his little country of Bulgaria while the rest of CANADA celebrates and drinks maple syrup by the gallon.

P.S. It’s actually not his birthday in Canada yet. Bulgaria is just ahead of Canada in time, but you know what they say, the slower the country, the faster the… uh… I don’t know what they say.

BUT WAIT! That’s not all! Did you expect this post to only be about CANADA DAY and Flare’s Birthday? No! It’s about something else that also rhymes with day: O-New’s posting schedule…ay. Schedulay. Schedulé?

Since it is now officially SUMMER VACATION (because, Spanish shock, it’s JULY THE FIRST!!!)… O-New will be blogging…


We’ll be blogging two posts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and one post on every other day. Why? Because we have so much crap to say (and so many more people to say it)! Why? Because we want to lose subscribers who don’t want to see so much crap in their mailbox. Why? Because we posted twice a day last last summer and that was a great fiasco! Why? I… don’t know…

P.P.S. It’s actually summer vacation in Canada already. Canada is just ahead of summer in time, but you know what they say, summer vacation’s only as long as you want it to be. Uh… that’s not what they say.

O-New: Weekend Review

July is just around the corner. No, I don’t mean ‘in a week’ or ‘in two days’, I mean in approximately one hour it will be July in London. And now that’s a problem for us here at O-New because things happen on July, including Canada Day, Flare’s Birthday, and a whole host of other things which rhyme with Day including Olé, Nikkei, Essay, and Weigh. Yes, those four items do add up to O-NEW which is the topic of our discussion today: another weekend review.

Review on, i.e. view again»

Leonardo da Vinci: The Genius and Science World’s Redesign (x-post Frivolous Verbosities)

This is from Frivolous Verbosities. If you like it, go there for more of my weird stuff!

Today I went to the Da Vinci: The Genius exhibition at the Telus World of Science, brought there by Grande Exhibitions, an exhibition company that travels worldwide.

There I was not only amazed at Leonardo’s genius and the incredible creation of his designs and blueprints. I was also amazed by the tremendous amount of work done to Science World.


Weird Dreams

I had a pretty weird dream last night. I’ve talked to my friends about it, and they don’t know what to make of it. Since this talk was over a chat client, and I don’t feel like typing it up again, I’m just going to copy/paste (with some editing for spelling errors and removing usernames and timestamps, and changing the format from chatlog to paragraph. Besides these edits, the words have been left unchanged.). So my dream starts like this:

I’m in my room. It’s night. I look out the window, and for some reason, my neighbourhood has been replaced by a forest. Deciduous trees, bare of leaves. I think there’s snow on the ground, so it must be winter; that explains the lack of leaves on the trees. I can pick out faint roads, so perhaps my neighbourhood isn’t completely gone. There are no lights, save the moon, which is full and bright. I hear a wolf howl. I can see shapes. Shapes in the trees. Moving.


O-New: Week Without School

And the first week of summer vacation draws to a close.

At the same time, I draw lots of clothes except I DON’T, because I a) suck at drawing b) what was the whole point of this sentence anyways? If nobody knows, then somebody must because it’s time for another Week in Review. What happened during our summer vacation here at O-New?

Well, new persons AdjectiveRecoil and redball have joined the O-New blogging team, starting out with bangs, that is to say, double fetish posts. They don’t have anything to do with bangs, but they do have to do with hair and guns, two objects prominent in both of their avatars, for redball is a flying ball of hair and AdjectiveRecoil is a guy with a gun.

Needless to say, none of my posts can quite match the descriptive intricacies of these fetish essays, but that’s not to say my Mouretsu Pirates posts can be overlooked. Actually, they can be overlooked, since they’re more ramblings about being un-sick and Avengers and Macbeth and Iron Sky than posts about Mouretsu Pirates. I also finally perform some abstract minimalist composition that’s not abstract and not minimalist. It’s more of a musical mess than a composition, because compositions imply structure.

Finally, AbsoluteZero255’s blog is highlighted and in the limelight of this spotlight because we spot/lime/highlight his blog and an essay about poetry that he wrote, except no, not really, because instead, my egotistical ego highlights my essay about poetry instead (which also happens to be my final homework assignment for the year) that Dark_Sage has so succinctly and precisely summarized by the following esoteric three-word phrase: What the fuck.

Are guns a fetish?

Today, a friend of mine, observing my attraction to firearms, said it was a fetish. Is it?

I like guns. I like the way they look, the way that everything performs a specific function, the way everything fits together. I like how they sound, how the action sounds when it closes, the sound of the extractor pulling a casing out of the chamber, the sound of the ejector kicking the brass out of the ejection port-

Oh fuck. It is a fetish. Isn’t it.

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Okay. I have a problem. But what if I like that problem? Is there something wrong with me? I don’t think so. Well… here. Have a drawing of a Mauser C96. She’s old, but still sexier than most handguns can ever hope to be.

A sketch of a Mauser C96.



New Persons

Mushy here.

So yes, I’ve recovered from my fever, and thus I have stopped feverishly composing horrid puns. However, what I have done was solicitously exasperate a real-life friend and solicitously beg a fake-life friend to write for O-New. They might say otherwise, but believe me! I never tell lies! Really! Seriously! I’ll stop with these exclamation marks as soon as you acknowledge that this is facetious!

Without further ado: their self-introductions! It’s less lengthy than previous ones, but oh well, you know me, I make people do things they don’t want to do and they feel really sad afterwards

Click this ado»

Sickin’ Around

It’s a pun, alright! It’s the only thing I can do now that I’m sick. Or should I say, stick?

…No, wait, that doesn’t even make sense.

Anyways, remember the good ol’ days of YTV before I discovered good ol’ 4kids’s horrible dub of One Piece and back when everything sucked? Well, everything still sucks now, but at least anime wasn’t as entertaining as good ol’ bad YTV cartoons. Yes, everything sucks. But that’s to be expected when all you’ve done all day was (instead of doing any homework or even writing any posts besides this one) lie around in bed with your throat burning, your head on fire, and your eyes blinded from fatigue and exhaustion. And also from wearing glasses again after a year without. Thank God I’m not you, but I’m suffering from everything you’re suffering too: including this extreme inclination to suddenly write a bad post.

Yeah. Sorry for all these sick posts. Y’know, if CERTAIN PEOPLE responded to my request for them to BLOG FOR O-NEW, you would not have to suffer through this trite tripe! Instead, you would have to suffer through other trite tripe. Also: were you ever wondering about why you feel cold when you have a fever? Well, turns out that a fever is completely different from hyperthermia, and even more different from hypothermia. Hyperthermia is when your body temperature is greater (say, at 38 degrees) than your thermoregulatory set-point, which is completely normal at 37 degrees Celsius. Fever is when your body temperature is less (say, at 38 degrees) than your thermoregulatory set-point, which is COMPLETELY ABNORMAL at 39 degrees Celsius. It doesn’t matter what your absolute temperature is; your temperature relative to your thermoregulatory set-point causes you to feel warm or cold. So, when you have a fever, your thermoregulatory set-point rises to above normal, and you feel cold because your body temperature is lower than your new thermoregulatory set-point. When your body temperature rises to match your new thermoregulatory set-point, you feel warm again. #themoreyouknow

tl;dr: sick

I’m Sic [sic]

C’mon, I’ve got a 39.7 degree (Celsius! NOT FAHRENHEIT!) fever, you should be proud of me for coming up with even a lame pun like that.

So I’ve got the most splitting headache, have been lying in bed for the past eighteen hours, and I accidentally ingested Advil because I thought I had a fever when really I’ve got a viral infection. I wish O-New were a viral infection; then everybody would read our posts. On the other hand, everybody, everywhere will laugh at the QUALITY of our posts forever and ever and ever ._.

Anyways, note to self: when you have a viral infection, DO NOT SWALLOW ADVIL (nor anvils) because it will make you feel the most nauseous since you were forced to sit in a bus seat with your backpack suffocating yourself because of your carsickness. I never sit down on the bus. B(

In conclusion, I finally realized that what I dream about is always influenced by my outside environment. Is it freezing? Then I dream of standing in the dark outside the central public library while all the streetlights broke and some rabid werewolf chases me up into a military-grade cargo elevator that leads up into the main library when a really cute girl walks by and then I realize that I’m naked. Am I excessively sweating from excessive amounts of Tylenol? Then I dream of excessively sweating from excessive amounts of Tylenol. Except, no, I don’t dream, I stay awake sweating for an hour


P.S. Getting a doctor’s note for missing my French and Science project presentations costs $15 because it’s not covered by the Medical Services Plan. When I grow up, I want to be a doctor’s-note-writer. If I write one every 5 minutes, I’ll earn like, $180 an hour.

P.P.S. This post is too shot, so have a video of my hand.

Review: Week in O-New

Urgh. So I’ve got a fever. This is extremely bad because a) next week is the last day of school b) I just bombed my Chinese school final because of my headache c) next week is the last day of school d) this means I have to finally finish (start) my science fair project, some science ‘building challenge’ contraption (don’t ask), three socials essays (including one book review of a library book that not only did I not read, but I also lost), English essay, and French project (which az did the entirety of last time, poor guy.

So I’ve got a fever. And a headache. And this disturbing lymph node in the middle of my neck which I thought at first was a tumour. OK, I’M BAD AT ANATOMY OK?! DON’T JUDGE ME. Last night, I dreamt I was in a giant domed IMAX theatre whose screen extended up to the top of the dome for 360 degrees. Unfortunately, the entirety of the film (about Touhou bullet patterns) was projected onto the top, and I felt an overwhelming surge of nausea and chest pain/pressure when I tried to look up. Eventually, I got a heart attack (or my perception of it) and died because I couldn’t even talk from the pressure.

Then I woke up. So I’ve got a fever. I’ll probably lie around in bed all day tomorrow and not hand in any of my assignments. Remember my post about summer lethargy? No, of course you don’t, nobody read that; but it wasn’t lethargy from summer I was suffering, it was another fever! I felt cold so I put on a jacket, but I was still cold after that, and when I took off my jacket, I was still cold. That was supposed to be more eloquent but what I mean is that this isn’t a cold and it’s a fever. Don’t ask me what the difference is.

So I’ve got a fever. Prepare for filler posts this entire weekend. But for now: a week in O-New, reviewed. Az posted both Episode 8 of Jormungand and Episode 9, so he’s got nothing more to write while I continue being sick for this weekend. I started two weekly projects this week: Musical Mondays (don’t expect music next Monday, I’m sick), and Vendredis de Vacances (don’t expect a vacation next Friday, I’m sick).

So I’ve got a fever. But that doesn’t stop redball from publishing the best guest post on O-New so far. That’s not saying much, but do give Hypocrisy in Sankarea a sanka-read. See what I did there? Probably not, but that’s because it’s not me that’s sick, it’s you. I’ve merely got a fever.

tl;dr: I get sick, click every link in this post, nobody cares, goodnight

Seeing Seattle’s Seas

In a pitiful attempt to introduce new scheduled posts à la Musical Mondays, it’s time to pitifully attempt to schedule new introduction posts with a new tag: Vendredis de Vacances! Which means ‘Fridays of Vacation’ in French, which I had to make in french to keep its alliterative qualities, for no weekday begins with a ‘V’. Anyhow, these posts will have me talk about my ~marvelous adventures~ in being an overbearing first-world snob and wasting money on frivolous tours.

So. Yep. Seattle. Again.

It’s a vacation post. Expect pretty pictures. Prepare for letdown. (HINT: The link in the above paragraph actually contains PRETTY PICTURES!!) Death of my life, it’s my character to only take ugly pictures

watashi no kyarutaipu wa terrible da»

O-REW 13: Frivolous Verbosities

Frivolous Verbosities. What is a frivolous verbosity?

Friv·o·lous (adj.) of little or no weight, worth, or importance.
Ver·bos·i·ty (n.) the state or quality of being verbose.
Ver·bose (adj.) using or containing an excess of words, so as to be pedantic or boring.

Simply put, Frivolous Verbosities is a worthless, boring blog. Or at least you’d expect it to be.

But it actually isn’t. Now that I’ve caught your intention, I’m sure that you’ll refrain from closing this tab immediatel-hey what did I say

It’s a BLAHg»

Piano Recitals, Talent Shows, and Recent Pack of Losts

The title would be funnier if ‘Losts’ rhymed with ‘Posts’ but they don’t because English is dumb and incredibly silly.


As many of you may not have noticed (nobody noticed last time), there have been no days for the past four posts. As O-New’s prict strosting potocal proto-calls for at least one day to be published every single post – a proto-call we have been filigently dollowing for the next two-and-a-half years – this is, of course, right queprehensible.

So, it’ll make up for us by posting four posts now. Here’s our hiatus of why there was such an excuse…

An ex-cuse (crazy unbalanced sinful enemy)»

O-New: Week in Review


“Wait, what the well is he talking about?” you won’t ask, because all of you already know. WELL GUESS WHAT EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE ALL ALREADY COGNIZANT OF THIS HUMILIATING SITUATION I’LL SHOUT IT IN YOUR COLLECTIVE FACES ONCE MORE:

O-New (that’s this ISSS, the coolest ISSS on the ‘net), is in a monumental tournament against every single ISSS (information sharing and storate ‘site) in the UNIVERSE. Too bad there’s only two; O-New and Eye Sedso, some kind of sick Rie Kugimiya porn cult. Thus, we are pitted against these ignominious perverts (even though only one person authors Eye Sedso) in the final match of the year.



tl;dr: it’s been a tough week for az and me; sleeping on the couch and doing nothing at all is really exhausting! You see… it’s really quite strenuous doing nothing all day, so once a week I write a post that sums up all the previous seventeen weeks’ posts in true o-new fashion: by writing them.

Unfortunately, the only two half-decent posts written within the previous seventeen weeks were this appalling performance of three Satie masterpieces and this analysis of The Right Honourable Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien’s Rie Kugimiya porn collection.

And now, I’ve got some piano recital nonsense coming up, so if you’ll excuse me, NO MORE ELOQUENT POSTS FOR THE NEXT SEVENTEEN WEEKS

Twitter Drama

[This drama took place around Valentine's Day, 2012. Thus, it is now old and not worth discussion. Please refrain from linking this post anywhere; this post exists in its unprotected, unedited entirety for archival purposes only.]

If anybody takes offence with this article, just tell me and I’ll pull it off. This article will be about the twitter drama, and thus, if you participated, I’ll probably call you bad names. This is because I like calling people names.

<!–more You have been warned»

1. Some girl attacked somebody for their silly anime avatar, among other things.

2. @SabishiiMiruku defended said somebody and responded to the girl inappropriately and vuc quickly ended the controversy.

3. vuc gets drunk and calls SabishiiMiruku out on Twitter.

4. People hop on the bandwagon.

5. Fallout occurs when others defend SabishiiMiruku’s actions.

Firstly: that girl that attacked somebody was a jerk.

Secondly: when somebody attacks a friend for their silly anime avatar, don’t be misogynistic and escalate the conflict after she starts not giving a fuck. No, making fun of people doesn’t make you seem smooth or cool; it’s immature, irresponsible, and stupid. SabishiiMiruku was a jerk.

Thirdly: vuc acted swiftly and appropriately to SabishiiMiruku’s puerile rantings on SCCSAV. However, after a person ends a discussion and wishes to avoid conflict, is spreading the controversy on Twitter really the polite thing to do? SabishiiMiruku was definitely retarded, but calling him out on Twitter is honestly pretty jerky. Beef jerky. There are better ways to instil respect for societal customs in racist teenagers, including friendly discussion, private messaging, and not stirring up legions of bored folks to ridicule some kid. Vuc, although SabishiiMiruku’s repeated e-mails were provoking, although you may have had a hard day and you weren’t thinking straight at the time, although SabishiiMiruku may have deserved it, you were still a jerk.

Fourthly: Bandwagon-hopping. Before someone tu quoques me, yes, I am an unrepentant asshole who incessantly mocks others during times of drama. Yes, mocking people is funny, especially when they’re jerks. No, them being jerks or it being funny are not grounds for public mockery. Although vuc originally intended the mockery to teach a kid that misogyny and racism is unacceptable, the indistinctness of the bandwagon perverted the lesson. SabishiiMiruku no doubt perceived the derision as a slight to his avatar usage, as opposed to his unacceptable behaviour. I want to use a different word because semantic satiation is making ‘jerk’ seem like not a word, but… you’re all jerks.

Fifthly: SabishiiMiruku, why the fuck did you even reply to anybody’s tweets? Sure, what they said may have unnerved you, but you’ve been through enough drama to know the utter pointlessness of being on the receiving end of the stick. It’s not entertaining, it’s not respectful (especially the tweet about blue collar jobs), and it’s the stupidest thing you could ever do in such a situation. Do what nichdel told you. What do you mean, ‘I tried to walk away, but to no avail’?! JUST DISCONNECT YOUR MOTHERFUCKING INTERNET!!

(Condolences to your mother, by the way: I hope the Internet wasn’t too rough with her.)

In conclusion?

Every single person who participated in the drama are jerks, assholes, or retarded faggots. Maybe just jerks or assholes; the likelihood of any here being academically challenged bundles of wood is quite small. Similarly, it is hard to imagine the composition of an asshole: is it the part of the ass that surrounds the hole? Is it the inside of the ass’s hole? If so, does one being an asshole make one a concentration of nitrogen and oxygen?

tl;dr: you’re all jerks. Even if SabishiiMiruku deserved what you were giving him, that doesn’t make you any less of a jerk. If a cat punches you in the face and you bite his arm off, it doesnt matter if the cat deserved it: you still bit his arm off. fuck the bandwagon, I heard it feels good

P.S. If you’re offended by this article, just tell me and I’ll make it less offending. Yes, I am talking about people behind their backs because not only am I a spineless coward, but many people involved are genuinely sick and tired of the whole business. I wish flomu were here

P.P.S. If you guys want to mock me for writing this article, don’t worry, I’ve already mocked myself enough

P.P.P.S. I’m not publicizing this on Twitter because stirring up additional controversy is antithetical to number 3. “But wait!” you probably won’t think, “If you wanted to avoid drama in the first place, why did you make this fucking post?” THE ONLY REASON I WROTE THIS IS BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE IS WRITING POSTS AND THUS I MUST WRITE CRAP NOBODY CARES ABOUT and also because nobody visits O-New ever nobody will ever find this post and thus, no more drama

P.P.P.P.S. Yes, I know, I’m probably the biggest asshole in the lot of ya. But you’re still all jerks. Is this a personal attack? No. Is this a disparaging remark? Possibly. Is this an objective look at the result of this turmoil. Yes. The actions of all parties involved were disrespectful and base, regardless of whether they were warranted or not.

Dropquest 2012, Mother’s Day, and Recent Lack of Posts


Az many of you may have noticed (yes, that was unintentional, but I intentionally left it there), there have been no posts for the past four days. As O-New’s strict posting protocol calls for at least one post to be published every single day – a protocol we have been diligently following for the past two-and-a-half years – this is, of course, quite reprehensible.

So, we’ll make up for it by posting four posts now. Here’s our excuse of why there was such a hiatus…

Hey, a tus! (terminus utilization substance)»