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An Organizational Voyage 4

…It’s May~

Anyways, back onto the organizational track. I recently gained 3 levels (in one day :O), and so now I am level 27…

…The event ends on Tuesday (or Wednesday, I forgot). As Sat – Mon is X_X if I play, that leaves only one day to gain 3 levels…

…Fortunately, I’ve completed the Evan treasure chest thing, so now I have 7 free inventory spaces, and found that the ariant PQ goes up till level 30; so I can get to level 30 and then attempt to get the chair, dying once in a while to balance EXP.

Thus, my organizational voyage for maplestory is soon to be over.

…Unfortunately, my disappearance from other fields have… caused some.. discrepancies.

....Google Reader and Twitter extensions don't work past 4 digits...

…And yeah. So links:


^ …A Unity Guidebook has been released… check it out…?


^ Some people get angry at some guy mocking some indian guy with a weird name… AND IT’S POLITICAL AS WELL

Presentation Effect 3: Acknowledged Improvisation

…And once again (after a fairly long pause), here is the third part of the presentation effect; Acknowledged Improvisation.

…So we all know how boring speeches are. This has been stressed to epic proportions in my class. Every time someone does an improvisation, whether it’s good, bad, or just wants to make you gouge your ears out because of the presenter’s utter lack of any skill whatsoever, the feedback given at the end is always “I liked the way you used improvisation in your presentation.”

Honestly, Improvisations don’t beat speeches.

Both ways, there are goo and bad presenters. Good presenters of speeches can make it incur all of the positive qualities of improvisations. Bad presenters of improvisation will not have any content. At all (like this rant ;w;).

Firstly, let’s analyze improvisation an speeches.

Speeches tend to get disliked, as they are inflexible, lowers the presenter’s voice, makes it a monotone, or for lack of eye contact. Hmm, let’s see: the first one is because of a bad presenter, the second one is because of a bad presenter, the third one is because of a bad presenter, and the fourth one is because of a bad presenter. WHAT TRENDS DO WE SEE HERE, I WONDER?

What about the positives of improvisation? They offer flexibility, there’s no paper to block the presenter’s voice, there’s no script to make it a monotone, and you have to make eye contact. Strangely similar to something I wrote before…

Thus, we can conclude that all the bonuses of improvisation can be met with well-crafted speeches presented by a good presenter. However, what about the flip side…?

Improvisations lack structure. Frequent grammar mistakes and a casual tone make them sound extremely unprofessional. If it were just a conversation, sure, using improvisation would be fine (in fact, if you don’t, then you’re just… stupid). But during a FORMAL, ASSESSED presentation, would you really want to sound casual in front of your teacher? Pauses also dot improvs, as well as no general flow. Sure, you could use my previous argument against me and say that that varies with the level of the presenter. However, it doesn’t. No matter who we are, we will always sound unstructured, casual, incorrect, and unprofessional.

Meanwhile, speeches cannot duplicated casualness, unless you really suck. They are structured, and can be edited to remove grammar mistakes. Most importantly, they’re professional. You can be sure that someone like Barack Obama would use a speech, not improvise. It’s also safe. You can stumble on an improv and get a 0, but speeches are right there. You can’t possibly mess them up.

There’s also a difference between a memorized speech, structured improvisation, and true improvisation. True improv. just downright sucks (by that, I mean extremely risky), and a memorized speech is a waste of time. Meanwhile, a structured improv is a merge between improvisation and speech; it employs the structure of speeches with the benefits of improvisation.

Their range is probably the most important factor. As seen in my lovely graph, it should look like this:

Go MSPaint and reformatting failures

Although structured improv seems better than speeches, a well-conducted speech can present not only facts, but also philosophical comments on the topic. Thus, improvs have a lower cutoff point.

Anyways, this isn’t getting to the main point of this post yet.

The main point is why people would improvise.

Seeing that I’m me, I have improvised for every single one (16) of my projects. Why? Not because I want to, but because they’re the most time-efficient way. Time is the only factor in my life, and it is the reason why I’m so stressed most of the time (unintentional pun woohoo). Now what I don’t get is those people who have so much time, yet they acknowledge that they are presenting an improvisation. Not even I say “Oh, and just a note, this is an improvisation which means that I didn’t spend any time making it, so it sucks and has no actual meaning behind it because I’m making it up on the spot”. It would be better for their self-respect if they were to hide the fact that it is an improv, yet they willingly admit that it is, proactively. Even before people ask them to, they tell us. That shows that the general populace believes that improvisation is a skill valued higher than a good speech. Then why does Barack Obama use a speech? Why does (I hate to admit it) Stephen Harper use a speech? Because they’re the best. They may not be the most efficient, but they are the very best in presentation technologies.

Anyways, to conclude, I’ll continue improvising as my life is too crowded. However, as soon as I get time, I’ll craft a quality speech; for that is the point of this post, to show you that speeches are better than improvisations.

Link tiem!


^ …A school cuts a gay person’s photo from yearbook… actually, they removed every single record of her. Liek, wtf..?!


^ …A third of people interviewed say that their pets listen better than their spouse… but are they even listening? >_<


^ FFV and VI won’t be coming to DS anytime soon… heh, I don’t even have a DS -_-


^ With facebook social gaming and stuff liek that, a lot of people are liek “OMG THIS IS LIEK OSSIM NAO” …I don’t feel literate today…

(Nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10511103)

^ …Guitar playing guy.

(Nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10511103)

^ ..’nother Guitar playing guy. They might be the same people. I don’t know… >_<

(Nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10516756)

^ …More guitars.

(Nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10518995)

^ …

…More updates on MapleStory tomorrow, but g’bai for today…!

An Organizational Voyage 3

…So now, my goal is MapleStory Level 30.

…I just got to level 24…

What I have now is essentially 5 days (I don’t play Sat-Mon) to gain 6 levels. This means that I’ll just need to gain 2 levels tomorrow, and one level every day after that…

…But here’s a snag.

I also need to finish the Ariant PQ (because I’m a collectible-fanatic), as well as the Evan Everyday Event and miscellaneous crap like that. Now, the crayons dropped for another quest only drop on Thursday, Saturday, and Monday, but that specific event ends on Sunday. So I’ll have to log on for 30 minutes during those days, which happen to be doable, suicidal, and suspicious, respectively (parents home, MapleStory = LOLWTF).

…Anyways, that’s my plan, and it’s not going to work, but WHATEVER :D


^ ..An interview with an indie game developer…!


^ NASA has a conference tomorrow about the search for extraterrestrial life…


^ Hamlet’s set to release on DVD and Blu-Ray… soon. I have no idea what they’re talking about. :/


^ …More than 7200 people were charged for not wearing seatbelts on Ontario highways…


^ ..Some person writes their thesis on… dwarf fortress. LOLWUT


^ They found where to put the “Extremely Large Telescope”! Yes, that’s what it’s called. Go science.

^ Marasy plays something… Argh parseeeeeeeeeeeee

^ …Rock paper scissors can cause people to go insane…

An Organizational Voyage 2


So, I’ve completed the two most important assignments of the past week; however, I still have 2 overdue assignments, plus a report at the end of the week….

…Thus, my plan for this week is to make sure I have no overdue stuff.

Internet-wise, I haven’t looked at google reader for god knows how long, so I’ll have to get that done.

However, I have come up with a much larger problem….

…Maplestory’s event is ending.

Which means it’s time to grind up some 8 levels to level 30 so that I can get those limited time items! This will undoubtably drain my time, but I will stop as soon as the event is finished…

…yeah, noone’s believing me there, right..?

Anyways, the next few posts will be boring and contentless like this one… but whatever.


^ …Zynga (farmville, anyone..?) makes over $1,000,000… a day.

An Organizational Voyage

…So, another R.A.N.D.O.M.:

B: N

I: D

S: D

O: O

N: N

…It’s much better than before, but now I hope to get them all up to A’s by the end of next week.

Thus begins my organizational voyage.

So here’s my plan for this weekend:

Finish browsing all unread topics in forums (http://forums.ichigos.com/, http://www.flashgamelicense.com/choose_forum.php, http://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php, and http://forum.gensokyo.org/index.php)…

Clear all open tabs (Meaning, actually read those tabs that I have open and then close them)

And be at least one post ahead of each day. That way, there won’t ever be another filler post…!

…In schoolwork, I just need to complete 4 more assignments, and then I won’t have any overdue assignments; which means I can focus on organization..

..Anyways, links:


^ Really funny pictures; distance from camera is how they took them…

O-REW 2: Michael James Williams

…Alright, so this is another review…

..You all remember my… advert? On FrozenHaddock’s website. His main point was his AS2 avoider game tutorial, right…?

..Well, the main point of Michael James William’s website is around his AS3 Avoider Game tutorial, which was ported from FH’s tutorial.

It’s apparently “used as an educational tool in schools worldwide”, though I still doubt this.

It’s 12 parts long and extremely well-written, so that PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND IT! OH MY GOD!

Even after having a highly successful tutorial on his main site, he created a second site, http://avoidergame.com/, which better serves to add more tutorials…!

He’s also working for ActiveTuts+ as… something.

So, I encourage you to check out his site ’cause I told you to… but this is only a flash tutorial, so…

…links (and videos!). Also, what’s a “MMD”..? I’ve heard it around youtube too often >_>

^ …Seems alot of people like fighting now… this is Yuyuko

^ And this is Alice…

^ Bad Apple with.. countries?


^ …people made perverted children’s toys… though they may have not realized it. Possibly NSFW…


^ …Adam Savage makes a speech about something…


^ People will be examining the plans of England’s Liberal Democrats… I really have no idea what’s going on +_+

…Yeah, that’s all, visit his site…!

O-REW 1: FrozenHaddock

…erm… O-REW…? What does that stand for…?

It stands for O-New(‘s? O-New isn’t me, I’m mushy) Review of Entertaining Websites…! Basically, this will be about reviews of those sites that I visit often…

…I’d like to start it off with a (now) inactive website: http://frozenhaddock.co.uk/…!

…So, FrozenHaddock/GeneShark/Tazzydevil XIII/Tom Gibbard is liek this Englishguy, and he runs a site called frozenhaddock (with a couple of other people). The main reason I view his site is because of his Flash Tutorial for an Avoider Game.

His AS2 Avoider Game Tutorial, although simple, is one of the best beginner flash tutorials on the ‘net. It shows you how to code, instead of those old-fashioned copypasta “tutorials”. Not only is it extremely informative, but it was also the basis for Michael James William’s AS3 Avoider Game Tutorial, which is now receiving large public recognition.

For those wannabe flash programming people, here’s an excellent place to start, although it is written in the older AS2. Also, it’s incredibly simple, so don’t come looking at this for finding out how to improve your frame rate in, oh, I don’t know, some sort of a Touhou danmaku game >_<

As said before, the tutorial is the highlight of this website; besides it, there’s really not much else. FrozenHaddock also has a forum, although, like the site, it is inactive.

So, visit the site, see what its like; and then, let’s just all let it Rest in Peace.

…The next O-REW will be about FrozenHaddock’s other site, MOREtotheGAME. Don’t visit it yet; I haven’t talked about it >_<

…Anyways, links:


^ …iPad games are more expensive. Big surprise there.


^ …An extremely in-depth analysis of all of twitter’s trending topics, brilliantly summarized in a simple graph using hundreds of thousands of different piles of data to accurately average out the results.


^ …A 74-year old man has some sort of thing in his blood that stops babies from having some sort of disease. This single man has stopped 2.2 million babies from dying…


^ Tokyo’s 2010 Anime Fair is starting…!


^ …The CEO’s of Apple and Google are… having coffee…?!


^ …Japan’s censoring stuff, giving its government a lot of power about what people are doing… communism! :P

…That’s all; will post other stuff tomorrow…!

Presentation Effect 2: Rehearsed Failure

I don't know why I decided to post this here.... :/

…So, this is the (very late) Part 2 of Presentation Effect

…Hopefully, at least some of you found it somewhat interesting… comments are welcomed (by that, I mean I NE3D MOAR COMM3N75!11!!!1seveneleven!#!11)

…Anyways, I was sitting through another presentation in-class one day, and this time, it was in a play format (with two people presenting). The play itself was quite entertaining and humourous; however, me being me, I won’t look into the strengths.

The thing about the play was that both of them said terms that otherwise shouldn’t be in a presentation, such as numerous “um”s and “ah”s, as well as some very casual figures of speech such as “like” (I’m, like, trying to, like, make, like, sense here, like yeah).

This would normally be quite fine, as plays aren’t speeches, and thus casual figures of speech may add effect and a tone to the play.

However, they were reading off a script.

Yes, a script.

A SCRIPT, with “um”s and “uh”s inside.

Sure, this would be quite fine too, if they rehearsed with the speech and presented without.

Now, here’s what I don’t understand.

Sure, you could say that the added casual effects made the play more realistic, as it was actually a conversation (notice how I’m gradually degrading this)…

However, they were clearly reading it /directly off the speech/, clearly demonstrating the Presentation Effect (it didn’t sound casual at all!).

I just don’t understand why people would do something like that. It makes the presenter seem less professional, doesn’t make it sound casual at all, and just degrades it from the feel of a conversation (via the Presentation Effect).

I don’t know where I’m going with this; anybody care to elaborate further..? >_<

…Anyways, links.

^ Microsoft’s Xbox live now allows you to show your orientation (Gay, Bi, Straight, Transgender, Lesbian), which makes the world ONE STEP FURTHER AWAY FROM BEING CHRISTIAN..! WOOOOOOOO (no offense Christians)!!!!!!!!
^ Mochi is creating a global “Game Developer Fund”… of $10 million. @_@
^ There won’t be any Half-Life game released in 2010… ;-;
^ A Korean otaku marries… a pillowcase.
^ A South Korean couple let their 3-month old baby starve to death while caring for a virtual one..
^ Steve Jobs confirms iPad’s 10 hour battery life…. on his iPad…
^ EA allows gamers to submit their own Dead space 2… gruesome… fatality… My stomach isn’t in the mood for this…
^ Preschool refuses to admit student because she has two moms… once again, Christianity’s stupidity comes to the rescue of us all… -_-
Oh, and subscribe…! :D That’s all for today…!

(is now going to dentist ;-;)

Presentation Effect 1: The Presentation Effect

Redundant much?

Yeah, the title of this post isn’t really good. Anyways, “Presentation Effect” is going to be my little I-don’t-know-how-much section long series of… thoughts… on presentations, specifically presentations in a classroom setting. …Why? Firstly, I thought there wasn’t enough actual info on this blog. Sure, links are great and all, and everyone wants to see my room, obviously, but it’d be better if this was a “content blog” instead of a “web log”. Twitter’s for logging (environmentalists can now get angry)… Secondly, it’s presentation week over at my school; I’m seeing lots of presentations and see the same… things (my English vocab. is totally 12th grade) keep on repeating. It’s getting redundant, excess, extra, supererogatory, surplus, unnecessary, and unneeded (as was this sentence)… Finally, I’m bored. Let’s get started. So, what is this “Presentation Effect”? It’s just something thought up by me. That’s right, this does not actually exist. When somebody presents with a speech in hand and when they present by just talking (informally and the like), you could always tell (as long as the speaker isn’t professional, keep in mind this isn’t University-level speech-presenting yet) the difference. Common traits of speech-performing include (at least from my experience and observation) a better pace of speaking, a louder/clearer voice, and some professionalism in the voice. However, with the casual tone, there seems to be more um’s, uh’s, and the like, more eye contact (which is a good thing), and failure to end sentences properly. It seems that the periods in the casual tone are commas… for example, if the sentence that should have been said was: “I believe that purple lemonade should be sold for less money.” it would sound exactly like that if it were a speech. If it weren’t, it might have sounded something like: “So, I think that like purple lemonade should be sold for less money, [space] …?” Most of the time, it’s also faster than normal. I don’t know, I can’t really explain this; if you’ve ever listened to several presentations being presented in rapid succession, you might notice this; try to see if this is the case after reading that post… Most of the time, I see this as a negative; although it may seem that you understand more if you present without a speech, the tone of your voice should remain the same throughout. Right now, I’m mostly criticizing the casual part of the Presentation Effect (yes, capitalized). These include having a less firm voice, as if you’re not sure of what you’re talking about, and generally making yourself seem less educated about what you’re presenting. The thing that I just don’t understand is why people would continue having the Presentation Effect, and the prevalence of it in general society. You’d expect people who talk so loudly outside of class to be able to use the same voice inside; but no, they just HAVE to switch to a tiny voice nobody can hear without a period or a sentence that doesn’t end in a question mark/three dots in sight! What’s even more stupid are the people who have a presentation, have a speech, have EVERYTHING prepared, and is halfway through a perfectly fine presentation when suddenly their voice drops completely; and that’s when you know they haven’t actually prepared. Another excellent example of the Presentation Effect is during “preambles” before the speech. It sounds like it’s a completely different person (which can be interpreted as good or bad) during the presentation and the preamble. I’m not saying there aren’t people who aren’t using the Presentation Effect to their advantage. Most, if not all professional speakers sound casual and informative at the same time; this is because they maintain one, even tone, even during their regular lives. This isn’t to say they live life in a monotone; this is to say that they don’t suddenly change into a completely different voice when it’s time for a presentation. Now you’re probably wondering: Wait, wait, what was this about? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to that, and I don’t have a point to the above statements either. It’s just something that you might want to observe in the near future. Tell me if you have any further observations. …And I have no time for links right now; I’ll post them in approximately 6 hours. Thanks for reading!