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The top 3 things I’m scared of

The number one thing I’m scared of are fat people. Not like, just overweight, but so fat that when they walk they thud. So fat that if they swim, they jiggle. So fat that if they dive into the water, they go straight down. I mean, how do you even get so frigging fat? I can eat a lot of food but I don’t ever start jiggling. Does God like takes his hand and pokes certain people, pronouncing them super-duper-fat? Maybe. The issue of being a jiggly fat person has always perplexed me. I don’t even think that if I ate nothing than McDonald’s for a week I would grow fat. Super-duper-ultra-mega-platinum-uber-fail-fat people scare me.

The number two thing I am scared of is retarded people. No, actually, I feel sorry for them, their life is hard. Actually, it’s perverted, wrong people. I’m not even going to go into detail, it’s just so wrong. If you’re gonna play any game of Truth or Dare, they’re gonna make you like hump a tree or lick something. Bleurgh. All of these people should just go into a box that gets shipped off to a spot where nobody can hear, see, smell or make any contact with them. There should be at least 1337 km of radius just in case. Then, these perverted people can do whatever they like.

The third thing I’m scared of is public washrooms/change rooms. The wet floor is already bad enough. It’s freezing cold, if you step on like wet paper towels. It’s disgusting. Some pools are really nice though, they are indoors. Ours is outdoors, freezing at 5:45, I guess it makes you progress from a wuss into more of a man. As for public washrooms, they’re just overall gross. The toilet paper is thinner than newspaper, if you try to pull it, it rips. Also, people never freaking flush the toilet! If it was a urinal that’s fine but seeing the remains of what was once food… no thanks.

My worst night mare would be an extremely fat person that was as perverted and wrong as a *insert really perverted wrong thing here* that makes public change rooms really nasty. Wait. I already know somebody who’s like that. Urgh.

1: On Television Advertising

…OK, just ah essay I wrote on television advertising (without any links):

A while ago, I decided to watch TV.

The annoying things were the advertisements. There was one that advertised a knife. It could chop through vegetables, chop through meat, chop through mushrooms, and chop through your hand. A grater, potato peeler, and xacto-knife were built in.

This was a good deal. Then, they added in a steak knife, and a fish knife, and several vegetable knives, and measuring spoons of different sizes, and several pairs of chopsticks, and some forks and spoons, and a salad knife, and a bread knife, and a butter knife…

There were 96 knives inside the set. They then added another set, so there were 192 knives. If you called within 15 minutes, they would add another bunch of knives; in total, it was still $29.99.

These advertisements seemed unnecessary and also strange.  Why would they take a knife that was reasonably priced, and add hundreds of other knives? It wastes money and resources.

The company may have too many knives to sell out. However, this advertisement was repeated, so they were constantly selling knives at rock bottom prices. The cost of mining the metals to create the knives probably outweighs the sales price.

The knives may lack quality.  Quality is better than quantity, and these knives overdo the latter. How do they generate sales with products so dirt cheap that you know they’re worthless?

Advertisements also overdo quality. Why buy a cow if you can get milk for free? If you live without a car right now, then why would you need a car later? Some advertisements advertise overly expensive objects, such as the built-in Automatic GPS system, or Automatic Recliner, or Artificially Intelligent Seatbelts and Ashtrays. How do they generate sales with products so expensive that no one will buy them?

Instead of getting what we pay for, we see advertisements half of the time on TV. The companies must use massive sums of money to buy that TV time; but does anyone remember those advertisements? Will they think about buying them? And do they actually have the money?

Buying things through an advertisement is hard. It is not easily accessible; while you can use a shopping coupon in person, you need to phone the TV companies to get their order.

Advertising is annoying, but it is an integral part of society. It is useless; however after many years of watching TV, we have grown accustomed to seeing them. The world would seem much different without advertising, whether in good or bad ways I cannot tell.

The above opinions may be incorrect, as I have no experience dealing with advertisements. Honestly, even though they cost only $29.99, I don’t want to test out whether those 15-cent knives are useful or not. Why?

Because advertisements are annoying.

[Rant] Productivity

Our class has five computers.

For some reason, people seem to love crowding around them. Yeah, this would be explainable if VSB didn’t block virtually every website (Oh, we’re blocking the library catalogue because you could search for pesticides, and those kill ants, which is violent). So, they crowd around there to do nothing.

Yes, nothing.

As I write this, a certain person is not even looking at the screen and still hogging the computer.

She happens to have been on the computer for the past 2 hours.

And what did she finish?

“Oh, I’m writing my timeline” she said at 10:30. I asked her again 2 hours later and got the same reply.

Apparently, she spent 2 hours creating CHECKBOXES. Yes, freaking checkboxes on microsoft word with those fancy [ ] brackets.

I would understand it if people used the computers for more productive purposes. That would warrant reason tostay.

However, knowledgeably stalling on the computer while I need to type up 5 pages of finished work (yes, finished, except to be typed) is just plain wrong. That’ s taking selfishness to a whole new level; not doing stuff solely for personal gain, but doing NOTHING for NO GAIN just to torture people who ACTUALLY WANT TO WORK IN SCHOOL. That’s like, going to the bathroom to sleep just to annoy the people who actually want to use it. There’s no freaking point. Also, who sleeps in the bathroom anyways? That’s just gross >_>

I have nothing more to say. Then why did I write the above useless rant?


EDIT: Yes, I have finally gained access to a computer. I’m still typing up my five pages of stuff, but… well… I don’t have any anger anymore, so I won’t update the rant. There it is, my thought process in its originality, pure… nonsense ._.

…Anyways, videos and links…!


^ …An interesting article on the founder of Zynga; farmville and mafia wars. It’s in a negative sense, though…


^ really long post about apple…

^ …A Remi/Flan… video…?

^ Another one featuring SDM residents…

Presentation Effect 3: Acknowledged Improvisation

…And once again (after a fairly long pause), here is the third part of the presentation effect; Acknowledged Improvisation.

…So we all know how boring speeches are. This has been stressed to epic proportions in my class. Every time someone does an improvisation, whether it’s good, bad, or just wants to make you gouge your ears out because of the presenter’s utter lack of any skill whatsoever, the feedback given at the end is always “I liked the way you used improvisation in your presentation.”

Honestly, Improvisations don’t beat speeches.

Both ways, there are goo and bad presenters. Good presenters of speeches can make it incur all of the positive qualities of improvisations. Bad presenters of improvisation will not have any content. At all (like this rant ;w;).

Firstly, let’s analyze improvisation an speeches.

Speeches tend to get disliked, as they are inflexible, lowers the presenter’s voice, makes it a monotone, or for lack of eye contact. Hmm, let’s see: the first one is because of a bad presenter, the second one is because of a bad presenter, the third one is because of a bad presenter, and the fourth one is because of a bad presenter. WHAT TRENDS DO WE SEE HERE, I WONDER?

What about the positives of improvisation? They offer flexibility, there’s no paper to block the presenter’s voice, there’s no script to make it a monotone, and you have to make eye contact. Strangely similar to something I wrote before…

Thus, we can conclude that all the bonuses of improvisation can be met with well-crafted speeches presented by a good presenter. However, what about the flip side…?

Improvisations lack structure. Frequent grammar mistakes and a casual tone make them sound extremely unprofessional. If it were just a conversation, sure, using improvisation would be fine (in fact, if you don’t, then you’re just… stupid). But during a FORMAL, ASSESSED presentation, would you really want to sound casual in front of your teacher? Pauses also dot improvs, as well as no general flow. Sure, you could use my previous argument against me and say that that varies with the level of the presenter. However, it doesn’t. No matter who we are, we will always sound unstructured, casual, incorrect, and unprofessional.

Meanwhile, speeches cannot duplicated casualness, unless you really suck. They are structured, and can be edited to remove grammar mistakes. Most importantly, they’re professional. You can be sure that someone like Barack Obama would use a speech, not improvise. It’s also safe. You can stumble on an improv and get a 0, but speeches are right there. You can’t possibly mess them up.

There’s also a difference between a memorized speech, structured improvisation, and true improvisation. True improv. just downright sucks (by that, I mean extremely risky), and a memorized speech is a waste of time. Meanwhile, a structured improv is a merge between improvisation and speech; it employs the structure of speeches with the benefits of improvisation.

Their range is probably the most important factor. As seen in my lovely graph, it should look like this:

Go MSPaint and reformatting failures

Although structured improv seems better than speeches, a well-conducted speech can present not only facts, but also philosophical comments on the topic. Thus, improvs have a lower cutoff point.

Anyways, this isn’t getting to the main point of this post yet.

The main point is why people would improvise.

Seeing that I’m me, I have improvised for every single one (16) of my projects. Why? Not because I want to, but because they’re the most time-efficient way. Time is the only factor in my life, and it is the reason why I’m so stressed most of the time (unintentional pun woohoo). Now what I don’t get is those people who have so much time, yet they acknowledge that they are presenting an improvisation. Not even I say “Oh, and just a note, this is an improvisation which means that I didn’t spend any time making it, so it sucks and has no actual meaning behind it because I’m making it up on the spot”. It would be better for their self-respect if they were to hide the fact that it is an improv, yet they willingly admit that it is, proactively. Even before people ask them to, they tell us. That shows that the general populace believes that improvisation is a skill valued higher than a good speech. Then why does Barack Obama use a speech? Why does (I hate to admit it) Stephen Harper use a speech? Because they’re the best. They may not be the most efficient, but they are the very best in presentation technologies.

Anyways, to conclude, I’ll continue improvising as my life is too crowded. However, as soon as I get time, I’ll craft a quality speech; for that is the point of this post, to show you that speeches are better than improvisations.

Link tiem!


^ …A school cuts a gay person’s photo from yearbook… actually, they removed every single record of her. Liek, wtf..?!


^ …A third of people interviewed say that their pets listen better than their spouse… but are they even listening? >_<


^ FFV and VI won’t be coming to DS anytime soon… heh, I don’t even have a DS -_-


^ With facebook social gaming and stuff liek that, a lot of people are liek “OMG THIS IS LIEK OSSIM NAO” …I don’t feel literate today…

(Nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10511103)

^ …Guitar playing guy.

(Nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10511103)

^ ..’nother Guitar playing guy. They might be the same people. I don’t know… >_<

(Nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10516756)

^ …More guitars.

(Nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10518995)

^ …

…More updates on MapleStory tomorrow, but g’bai for today…!

Angry Rant

It’s been half a decade.

Half a decade since that weird, shiny, glowing box first came into my life.

5 years since I first learned how to “surf” the “Internet”.

115 weeks since I first played a “flash” game.

1800 days since my life started to collapse.

I’ll start with one, very simple statement: I hate my life.

It’s boring. It’s filled with work. It’s monotonous.

That I can deal with. Monotony is easy. Work is easy.

The straw that happened to crush my life was built. Slowly accumulated through the ages. I’m always hiding something from someone. Even as I write this rant (in school, it’s a wonder I’m not caught), I’m also perpetually blocking the sheet of paper out of view from everyone. I can’t tell things to my “friends”, I can’t tell things to my family, I can’t tell things to the Internet. It’s like a satellite in geosynchronous orbit; only one side ever faces each observer. And then, you still never know what’s inside, even if you circle the satellite once.

First of all, school.

I don’t hate school. I like school. I like schoolwork.

I used to hate it; 16 hour days just didn’t cut it for me (I wasn’t in high school yet). Work work work. Reflections. Notes notes notes. Reflections. Create create present. Reflections.

Ah, I remember the good old days with mind-boggling clarity. I didn’t hand in half of my assignments, was always late for class, and skimmed through the grades. And I still somehow got the “Award for Academic Achievement” for three straight years at the end (my teachers really suck at actually critiquing who’s the actual smart person). My parents always forced me to work work work, and I still didn’t complete everything correctly.

Now what?

I like school now, don’t I? What’s the problem?

Well, now, my parents are discouraging me from schoolwork. It’s fun, goddamn it, don’t you know the meaning of the word?! “Look at the other children” they would say, “they’re all playing with their friends, why don’t you go hang out at some person’s house?”

And do what? Play mindless video games on a console too expensive for me to own? Admire the endless rows of trophies each person has received? Get a ball kicked/thrown straight into my face, 5 times in a row? Yeah, guess what, that isn’t really “fun”.

Also, I don’t really have any “real” friends. Sure, they’re all friendly and stuff, and I return the favour, etc. etc., but does any one of them know what is actually going on inside my head? I’m probably more friends with internet people than them. It’s sad, I know; I have no real social life. But what is the definition of real anyways?

Is the definition of a real social life friends that you can see? People that live near you?

Language was invented for a reason; to convey messages. Read a novel; the people described in the novel aren’t your next-door neighbours, are they? But still, their feelings/actions/emotions/clothes that they’re wearing are conveyed directly to you. Talking with a person living somewhere in China is the same as talking to someone living next door. It’s talking. There is no real and fake; the person on the other end just has to be a human.

Anyways, so my parents basically stopped letting me do my schoolwork, just as it was actually getting /fun/. And what do they tell me to do now?
“Sign up for Skating lessons! Look at how good Yhsum is at Swimming! Sign up for that too! And Tennis! And Chess! And sharpening pencils manually using a kitchen knife because we have money to spare!”

….Yeah, too bad. Is skating really useful in life? Do you seriously need to learn skating to be able to become successful in life? Also, why would anyone even need a tennis coach? Did the first tennis coach have a coach? No. Then how’d he get so good? There’s something called learning by yourself; go look it up.

Also, just because Yhsum is so epically good at all these, does that mean I have to be of equal or greater skill level? Life isn’t a coupon exchange; firstly, I don’t need to be better than Yhsum, and secondly, none of those are necessaries to life. On the other hand, learning is. OH MY GOD REALIZATION MUCH?

Did I mention that I’m already signed up for some horrible lessons? One is Chinese, the infamous reason for my #SuicideSaturdays. You basically pay $600 a year (“because we have money to spare!”) so that the teacher can give you 3 $10 textbooks and teach you how to read them. For 2.5 hours.

How does this go?

Teacher: Hand in your homework!

[hands in homework]

[teacher writes a B on homework without reading]

Teacher: Read your books.

[read books]

Teacher: Alright, end of class.

..Do I really need to pay for that? Oh, I might be getting a bit exaggerated here. The teachers actually do some work. They create tests. Basically, they tell you to memorize every single lesson ever taught since you were in Kindergarten, write them down, and automatically give you a score between 0 and 80 percent based on how neat your writing is.

That’s not all. The teachers are just lazy, but the classmates are even worse. Everyone, with the exception of several awesome people, are either spoiled brats, extremely perverted (though not to the point of drawing certain images on danbooru), or genius brats. Meaning, super smart 4 year olds who don’t know how to walk without tripping over themselves, but can still get straight As. Did I mention those are the only people who ever get As?

Next activity: Music.

Same as homework: Me hate, mom forces. Me like, mom destroys.

At the start, I hated playing piano. Maybe it was the teacher. Maybe it was my mom. Or maybe, it was just me. It probably was. I must have been so stupid not to balance 7 pennies on one hand while drumming out one of Czerny’s etudes (did I mention I have 200 of these?) or to not be able to fit a mango under my hand (mind you, I was 7 then). Obviously, such stupid mistakes must be punished by my extremely caring mother: Iron clotheshangers and a needle were the ingredients to her therapy. Plural on the clotheshangers, as sometimes, they broke while swung at me. Piano was stupid; I practiced 4 hours a day, of which 3 hours and 50 minutes were Hanon’s (fuck you, Hanon), and 10 minutes were pieces that I had to memorize, one piece  a week.

And then I started liking it. I /enjoyed/ playing piano. It wasn’t torture anymore; it was a hobby.

Obviously, my mom turned from stabbing me to “OH GAWD YOUR PLAYING SOUNDS LIKE A WET SNAKE HITTING A MANGO ONTO A BROKEN DRUM”. She then banned me from playing piano because it was too noisy. I passed the exam with the same pieces with 80%. She then blamed me for my low mark because of lack of practice.

Oh, and for the first time, I could actually play piano /pieces/, not etudes. Sure, you might say repetitive 5 note melodies count as masterpieces, but in my opinion, they weren’t. Czerny went from repeated scales to actual, challenging melodies. It was fun. Also, I learned how to improvise and play several anime/game songs. Obviously, these were “noisy”, and so my mom would attack me with more clotheshangers (I have no idea why we never run out of them) whenever I play one. See, here’s one reason why I hide things from a certain party (in this case, my parents).

Finally, right now, she’s considering dropping my piano lessons. Why? Because it’s a waste of money. Oh, and obviously spending $600 on a useless waste of time isn’t. And learning how to skate isn’t either, because you’ll totally need to learn how to skate really fast to escape from an army of frantic Hungarians, if you happen to be teleported to the past when they had no arrows, had a pair of skates on, and were on a solidly frozen lake. On a side note, teleported isn’t in the dictionary.

Oh, my mom can’t get all the blame. I blame the world’s society for this.

We changed piano-playing from a pastime into a competition. I can’t talk to 10 people about piano without 11 saying “LAWL I PASSED 12 EXAMS”. That means you failed one, dumbass. Anyways, you don’t compare piano as a pastime anymore, it’s  acompetition. Sure, this is nice and all, but we’re not competing even for skill anymore. We’re competing to see whose parents has more money to afford exams. We’re competing for competitions. What that doesn’t make sense? Exactly.

Adding on to this, music theory is also another part of music. It was interesting, learning new concepts… until my teacher gave me 30 exams to complete. Mind you, each one takes 3 hours. What’s more, she defied everything explained in the official textbook with cheats for exams (not actual cheats, but minimize work cheats). At the end, I passed with 87%, an A. I didn’t learn anything.

Now it’s History I have to learn. Apparently, as long as the answer appears on the textbook, it’s correct. Fun fact: Haydn composed 106 sonatas. According to my teacher, that’s incorrect. Why? Because obviously, the textbook says so. Who cares about what the fucking textbook says? Here are the facts, this is the truth; if you can’t accept it, go rot in a well off the coast of Finland.

Civilization as a whole has evolved to a point where everything revolves around competition, marks, tests, exams, and the like. Actual comparison of skill and knowledge is a thing of the past.

Which brings me to yet another point, the topic of Kongregate badges.

Fuck them.

They’ve leeched at least 300 (SPARTA) hours out of my life now. I want to stop; I can’t. They already have Achievement Addicts Anonymous, but that isn’t gonna help me.

These badges are too damn addictive. What’s more, competition in Kong is all about who has more points; people stop playing a game right after they get the badge. N00bz adjust their rating based on badges: “0/5 awesome game but needs badges” consists of 98% of comments on Kong (the other 2% is spam). Yeah, games with higher rating get a higher chance to get badges; obviously, voting 0/5 (which you can’t, it goes on a 1-5 scale) will help it get badges a lot.

And speaking of comments, the world is full of spammers. Full of raters who think their opinion is valued over everyone else’s. Scroll down 30 comments in Kong, you’ll find 31 have a rating in them. Also, 31 of those commentors are under 13 years old. COPPA, folks.

Yep, COPPA. That dreaded demon of a law that apparently forbids underage children from participating in online activities. Thing is, it doesn’t help at all; people over 13 are over 13, yay, and people under 13 don’t know what that shiny checkbox means when it says “I am over 13, and I am smart as well”. Stupid people don’t understand what that checkbox means either. Then, suddenly, some 12 year old gets the urge to spam in Kong chat “I AM TWELVE YEARS OLD YOU ARE ALL N00BS HAHAHAHAHA”, and get insta-banned by the admins. All while 11 year olds are watching in fear of the day when they will suffer the pain of being banned. If those 11 and 12 year olds survive long enough to reach 13, they’ll obviously tell everyone in chat that; thus destroying the point of COPPA, to protect children’s privacy. As soon as they turn 13, everyone knows. Before that, nobody cares. If they didn’t have COPPA, most people wouldn’t even tell everyone their age, but because of it, everyone wants to after they turn legal.

Back to the previous topic, badges and addictiveness.

I just can’t drop something after I begin it; it took me two weeks to stop dreaming about Dream World and how a scoped vindicator graviton discharger of speed + 3 will eventually appear in the shop. This means that I have a massive amount of things to complete on the internet every single day.

Which makes me have almost no time for actual gaming at all. I go home. I finish my dailies (150 new posts in google reader, 15 new chess games, 20000 more tweets, 100 new forum posts, 20 more other forum posts, 500 more other forum posts, 10 more youtube videos, and 50 more games). After this, I have no more time for actually playing a game for the game, not the card, not the alpha, not to test it, not for the badge, not because it’s daily, not for the achievements, not because the developer wanted me to review it, not because a friend recommended it, not because there’s an once-in-a-lifetime event occuring, but for the game itself. Curse you MotK and your active userbase. <3 Gensokyo.org~

But I should still have so much time! Wrong. My parents have no idea what I’m doing on the internet, and thus disallow me to do whatever they think isn’t homework (which they don’t let me do anyways), or helping them type something up. I go by the old rule, ignorance is bliss, so I keep what I do a secret. This has put a ton of pressure on me over the ages; those 2 hours between end of school and mom coming home from work is always a mystery to my parents, as apparently, nothing happens then.

And now, my mom has a financial exam; my total computer time, including homework, has shrunk to 2 hours. It takes me 3 hours to finish my dailies.

My other family members are also annoying. My cousin can scream at at least 18,000 cycles a second at a frequency of once every half hour. The length of his scream is half an hour. His mom is his /slave/. I feel really sorry for my aunt.

Oh, and he cries if you throw some grass at him (at 18,000 hertz), and the wind blows the grass away. Even if you could sense something as minute as grass touching your fucking shirt, IT DIDN’T EVEN TOUCH YOUR SHIRT. Oh, then he tells his mom that I hit him with a lawnmower or something. Obviously, cause there’s no injury on him. I really just want to shove him inside that well off the coast of Finland with the rest of those people I told to go into the well.

My brother isn’t as annoying; he just punches and kicks me every single day. A lot. Thanks to him, I now have an iron head and light-speed defense skills. But before that happened, it fucking hurt. Thankfully, my brother is one of the few people I actually trust, introducing me to flash and gaming. I suppose that’s a bad thing, as because of him, my life is destroyed.

Also, my peers. I’m tired of having someone two year younger than me beat me at chess, homework, tennis, basketball, math, soccer, science, running, projects, socials… and then tell me that every sfive minutes. Oh, he can also takeback his moves in chess.

Not that I’m referring to anyone specific here. Also, facewashing + pen-stabbing my face and ribs, respectively, is a do not want. I really want to spaz out and attack some annoying people, but I won’t do that for another 5 years. I need to hold back my anger.

Finally, I hate my pencil sharpener and how a 10 cm pencil can magically become 1 cm in 3 seconds. This should release massive amounts of energy because of E=mc2, but it doesn’t, which makes me even angrier.

And now, my internet connection is fucking up. I hate how all the computers I have ever used in my life are shared. I hate how my parents stop me from looking at anything that isn’t pure white with black text. And to add on to that, I thus hate those forums (you know which I’m talking about) without a change skin option that uses pure black with white text. What does that even do? It’s unattractive. The text is unreadable. The contrast sucks. You can’t read it at school, at home, or at work without people asking you “Wth are you looking at?” It doesn’t even save energy, for I think the cathode rays emit equal amounts of light regardless of the actual colour. Also, it doesn’t seem professional at all. It just seems like one of those amateur freewebs sites that detail how good Yhsum is at math, and how we all suck at it.

Oh, freewebs. Remind me to make you go bankrupt when I have the power. Not only do you provide a horrible WSIWYG editor, but the skins suck, your websites are all amateur, n00bish creations with a repetitive background obviously copypasted with the wrong software.

The same things applies to youtube and twitter. I’ve seen hundreds of youtube channels/twitter backgrounds that consist of the same image being repeated several hundred times on one page. Not only is it unattractive and annoying, but it also must have used up a lot of your time to find the image. Spend some time. Get a good image. Upload it, make it full size. Or just stick with the default if you’re lazy.

Ah, twitter. The newest form of sucking away my life, slowly. Vampires don’t twitter. They bite.

Around 80% of my tweets consist of announcing I have posted a new post or “g’night” and “g’day”s. Before, I thought twitter was useless. Then, I found it fun and interesting. I’m beginning to think it’s useless again; doesn’t this remind you of ternary form? Even if it was rounded binary, it still ends on the A section.

My life started with me knowing nothing. Right now, I know too much. Will it end with me knowing nothing as well?

No, it will not. I’m not one of Beethoven’s sonatas, and I don’t plan to become one in the near future.

I hate my life. But I won’t change it.


Because this is my life. And I love it.


..This is a rant, as I don’t have any links…

…First of all, I’d like to point out that the FlashGameLicense Development Competition #5 and #6 is starting, tomorrow, at 1800 GMT (10:00 am, for me)…! Which is gonna be awesome! And I’m gonna attempt to mutilate a tutorial so that it’s actually my own creation! Without using any of the tutorial’s original code! :D

…Now that the :Ds and enthusiasm is gone, the rant.

[warning, the rant sounds more like a whine than a rant]

…So, this rant is about… well… relatives, basically.

…Well, recently, my mom has registered for a financial exam. Since, well, she’s my mom, my brother and I had to help her with that, so we did. …Unfortunately, my brother took charge of the operation, and used the computer I was using at the moment to do those tasks. In the process, he closed my browser, and somehow, made it impossible to reopen the tabs I closed. So, I was pretty angry at that, but that was no matter. …Anyways, my mom had to figure out how to get to a certain room in a certain building to take her exam (which is tomorrow). I told my brother that all she had to do would be to get inside the building and ask the receptionist (after all, a couple hundred more people are taking the test) for directions; but no, he obviously had to use google to search for a detailed map of how to TAKE THE ELEVATOR and ENTER A ROOM. What’s more, he also had to print the google map of the location of the building and the map, which he then spent 20 minutes polishing with MSPaint, which basically consisted of finding a print screen software, seeing my computer doesn’t have it, searching for another one on google, finding that my computer has a print screen software, using it, copying it to paint, closing paint, opening paint, erasing the text and unnecessary street names, copying it, closing paint, opening adobe reader, opening paint, copying it, saving it as a pdf, closing paint, opening the file in adobe reader, cutting it in half, copying the file to paint, cutting the edges, copying the file to adobe reader…

…and thus it continued for a very, very, long time. …And then he printed it! Hurrah! However, now my mom wants the review sheets for the test. After searching, I determined that the only review sheets costs at least $85, and thus I thought that was enough. But obviously, my brother had to continue searching.

…and searching.

..and searching, until he realized that the ONLY REVIEW SHEETS COSTS AT LEAST $85! Hmm… I SENSE A COINCIDENCE HERE. …And then, my mom realized she had another exam. In June. And so, she wanted the locations for that. …After a lot of searching, we determined the locations and the price for the exam, just to find that everything we’d looked at was for the American (hint, we’re Canadian) exam..! Finally, after some more searching, we found an article that stated everything we needed to know, and thus wasted another two sheets of paper printing the whole article out (did I mention that the title of the article took one sheet?) …So, after that, we gave the sheets to my mom. And she gets mad at us for being so slow.

…Now, here, I have two reasons why I’m sorta rant-y; one, most of the actions of my brother were redundant. Two, we were helping her sort out some tasks, and thus she should have no reason to get mad at us, for doing /her/ work.

…To me, my mom felt a lot like a n00b, for making us do very simple work, and then getting mad at the speed of it (which she obviously could have typed faster, herself, but she didn’t). However, instead of shunning her like normal n00bs, we were forced to obey her, as she had enough power to.. do stuff.

Which is to say, if you have that much power, and you can search it up faster than us, then WHY DON’T YOU? I mean, we’re doing you a favour here by searching it for you, saving some time, but why do you still have to be so mad at it? It’s not /your/ time we’re wasting, it’s our own time, thank you very much.

To continue this, I’d like to extend this to all people who you do work for that get mad at you. I mean, you’re doing work FOR THEM. What right do they have to get mad at you? Especially if the work you’re doing is voluntary or for free. I’ve met people like that, who shout at you for not finishing the work correctly/on time (which I would feel bad for, if it was a job), except, it was /voluntary/. Sure, we didn’t do it correctly, and we had to use a bit of OUR time to correct that mistake. Still, NONE OF THAT TIME was YOURS. So why should you get mad at us?

I suppose this made a little bit of sense, but I have no idea now…

EDIT: Well, it’s Saturday now, with… 16 minutes until the competition! AND FGL IS DOWN LOLWTF O_O_O___O_O_O_O

Presentation Effect 2: Rehearsed Failure

I don't know why I decided to post this here.... :/

…So, this is the (very late) Part 2 of Presentation Effect

…Hopefully, at least some of you found it somewhat interesting… comments are welcomed (by that, I mean I NE3D MOAR COMM3N75!11!!!1seveneleven!#!11)

…Anyways, I was sitting through another presentation in-class one day, and this time, it was in a play format (with two people presenting). The play itself was quite entertaining and humourous; however, me being me, I won’t look into the strengths.

The thing about the play was that both of them said terms that otherwise shouldn’t be in a presentation, such as numerous “um”s and “ah”s, as well as some very casual figures of speech such as “like” (I’m, like, trying to, like, make, like, sense here, like yeah).

This would normally be quite fine, as plays aren’t speeches, and thus casual figures of speech may add effect and a tone to the play.

However, they were reading off a script.

Yes, a script.

A SCRIPT, with “um”s and “uh”s inside.

Sure, this would be quite fine too, if they rehearsed with the speech and presented without.

Now, here’s what I don’t understand.

Sure, you could say that the added casual effects made the play more realistic, as it was actually a conversation (notice how I’m gradually degrading this)…

However, they were clearly reading it /directly off the speech/, clearly demonstrating the Presentation Effect (it didn’t sound casual at all!).

I just don’t understand why people would do something like that. It makes the presenter seem less professional, doesn’t make it sound casual at all, and just degrades it from the feel of a conversation (via the Presentation Effect).

I don’t know where I’m going with this; anybody care to elaborate further..? >_<

…Anyways, links.

^ Microsoft’s Xbox live now allows you to show your orientation (Gay, Bi, Straight, Transgender, Lesbian), which makes the world ONE STEP FURTHER AWAY FROM BEING CHRISTIAN..! WOOOOOOOO (no offense Christians)!!!!!!!!
^ Mochi is creating a global “Game Developer Fund”… of $10 million. @_@
^ There won’t be any Half-Life game released in 2010… ;-;
^ A Korean otaku marries… a pillowcase.
^ A South Korean couple let their 3-month old baby starve to death while caring for a virtual one..
^ Steve Jobs confirms iPad’s 10 hour battery life…. on his iPad…
^ EA allows gamers to submit their own Dead space 2… gruesome… fatality… My stomach isn’t in the mood for this…
^ Preschool refuses to admit student because she has two moms… once again, Christianity’s stupidity comes to the rescue of us all… -_-
Oh, and subscribe…! :D That’s all for today…!

(is now going to dentist ;-;)



This faic is happy! So don't be mad about my rant!

So, this is a rant.

On MSPaint.

Don’t get me wrong, I love MSPaint. It allows me to draw stuff really quickly (and with really low quality).

What I don’t like is the amount of bugs in it.

MSPaint is so amazingly simple that a bug in it would be unheard of. I mean, seriously, even I could code MSPaint; it’s just selecting a bunch of colours, selecting the width of the brush, selecting what type of brush, and voila, MSPaint. What’s more, it’s made by Microsoft, a big company that could afford to hire bug testers and fixers (now that I think about it, I realize that Microsoft is the opposite of quality).

The most amazing thing is, most of these bugs weren’t in the XP version of MSPaint (I’m using Vista right now, the worst system ever invented).

First of all, why doesn’t Paint have a function that allows you to make your brush larger?

Some people WANT to draw larger than 20 pixels a stroke. Some people actually want to colour things in with SHADING, instead of just using the paint bucket tool (named paint bucket for how crude it is) to just colour one section.

Yes, I realize that the XP version did allow you to change that (though it was well hidden by the sneaky programmers), but Vista seems to have this function disabled. What use is it to take out a function out of a program anyways..? I guess Bill Gates is too smart for me then -_-

Secondly, why does paint automatically save in a .JPG? And why the heck does the .JPG add random pixels into an area I never coloured? I understand that a .JPG uses less space than a .BMP, but I think most people would like their picture PRESERVED instead of manipulated by the laws of who-knows-what. Also, this makes their paint bucket do absolutely nothing; I colour in a seemingly blank white section, and guess what? IT’S NOT COLOURED! So what do I do? I have to use the brush to go over it! EXCEPT THE BRUSH ISN’T LARGE ENOUGH! -Microsoft uses waste time! Mushz’s time is wasted! He rants about Microsoft and how stupid it is!-

Finally, I wish to congratulate Microsoft on a successful attempt to waste my time. You win. ;-;


Just to make it fair...

Also, does anyone know how to get a RSS feed up…? I needz help D:

…Anyways, links for today…!

^ A guy attempts to use a Vacuum cleaner to become spiderman and scale a building…!
^ Part two of the Spiderman Vacuum Gloves..!
^ A day in the life of NYC; really busy… at first, I thought this was stop-motion in, literally, a miniature sandpit… but then I realized it was an actual timelapse video… :O
^ According to data, defendants are more likely to be sentenced to death if they kill a “high-ranked” victim… Could just be a coincidence, but with today’s society, I doubt it…
^ I’m not sure if this is a bot or not… it’s a clever bot, if it is -_-

Presentation Effect 1: The Presentation Effect

Redundant much?

Yeah, the title of this post isn’t really good. Anyways, “Presentation Effect” is going to be my little I-don’t-know-how-much section long series of… thoughts… on presentations, specifically presentations in a classroom setting. …Why? Firstly, I thought there wasn’t enough actual info on this blog. Sure, links are great and all, and everyone wants to see my room, obviously, but it’d be better if this was a “content blog” instead of a “web log”. Twitter’s for logging (environmentalists can now get angry)… Secondly, it’s presentation week over at my school; I’m seeing lots of presentations and see the same… things (my English vocab. is totally 12th grade) keep on repeating. It’s getting redundant, excess, extra, supererogatory, surplus, unnecessary, and unneeded (as was this sentence)… Finally, I’m bored. Let’s get started. So, what is this “Presentation Effect”? It’s just something thought up by me. That’s right, this does not actually exist. When somebody presents with a speech in hand and when they present by just talking (informally and the like), you could always tell (as long as the speaker isn’t professional, keep in mind this isn’t University-level speech-presenting yet) the difference. Common traits of speech-performing include (at least from my experience and observation) a better pace of speaking, a louder/clearer voice, and some professionalism in the voice. However, with the casual tone, there seems to be more um’s, uh’s, and the like, more eye contact (which is a good thing), and failure to end sentences properly. It seems that the periods in the casual tone are commas… for example, if the sentence that should have been said was: “I believe that purple lemonade should be sold for less money.” it would sound exactly like that if it were a speech. If it weren’t, it might have sounded something like: “So, I think that like purple lemonade should be sold for less money, [space] …?” Most of the time, it’s also faster than normal. I don’t know, I can’t really explain this; if you’ve ever listened to several presentations being presented in rapid succession, you might notice this; try to see if this is the case after reading that post… Most of the time, I see this as a negative; although it may seem that you understand more if you present without a speech, the tone of your voice should remain the same throughout. Right now, I’m mostly criticizing the casual part of the Presentation Effect (yes, capitalized). These include having a less firm voice, as if you’re not sure of what you’re talking about, and generally making yourself seem less educated about what you’re presenting. The thing that I just don’t understand is why people would continue having the Presentation Effect, and the prevalence of it in general society. You’d expect people who talk so loudly outside of class to be able to use the same voice inside; but no, they just HAVE to switch to a tiny voice nobody can hear without a period or a sentence that doesn’t end in a question mark/three dots in sight! What’s even more stupid are the people who have a presentation, have a speech, have EVERYTHING prepared, and is halfway through a perfectly fine presentation when suddenly their voice drops completely; and that’s when you know they haven’t actually prepared. Another excellent example of the Presentation Effect is during “preambles” before the speech. It sounds like it’s a completely different person (which can be interpreted as good or bad) during the presentation and the preamble. I’m not saying there aren’t people who aren’t using the Presentation Effect to their advantage. Most, if not all professional speakers sound casual and informative at the same time; this is because they maintain one, even tone, even during their regular lives. This isn’t to say they live life in a monotone; this is to say that they don’t suddenly change into a completely different voice when it’s time for a presentation. Now you’re probably wondering: Wait, wait, what was this about? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to that, and I don’t have a point to the above statements either. It’s just something that you might want to observe in the near future. Tell me if you have any further observations. …And I have no time for links right now; I’ll post them in approximately 6 hours. Thanks for reading!