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Real First Post

Alright… so this is the real first post…!

If you are reading this, post a comment below, so that I know how many people there are who are reading this… (well, that was a bit too obvious…)

This is being posted far earlier than I scheduled it to be; the reason is because of a survey (that I have unfortunately been spamming many places with) that I have to conduct for a school project…

I am now in the process of spamming this link instead, as it is easier to type, and can also fit into a tweet.

If you are seeing this right now, I probably spammed your forum/thread/inbox, and then you chose to come here.

This is purely a test post; this is to see how many people will come…

Please, tell other people that you know to come here too; I will update somewhat daily…

The next post (tomorrow or something) will contain the details of the actual survey.

Until then, entertain yourself with these links:





Thanks for visiting, check back tomorrow pl0x…!


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