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Yep, it’s SuicideSaturday…

And it’s 10:33, and I don’t have a post. I want to sleep before midnight today :P

So, why is it SuicideSaturday?

…Basically, extra-curricular work today is keeping me down. Instead of spreading my classes between days, as most people would, I chose to cram it all into one single day; in this case, it’s Saturday. Yeah, that’s not very stressing in and by itself; however, the stressing part is that I never do any work on any of the classes /until/ Saturday. Which is completely my fault, but I still do it every week… so there you go. No, I won’t actually commit suicide, because I’m too busy to. If I commit suicide, how will I finish my homework…? XP

So, basically no post-content; however, I have hit across many links over the course of the day:

(Thanks for helping me with recovering these, people who did; I hate you, windows clipboard >:O)

^ Keep this on, it adds a… rainy mood :P Relaxing at times. Here‘s an excellent way someone put it in action…
^ I is broke, but I definitely need this XP
^ Michael has made a new post… it doesn’t really have a lot of content, and I’m pretty sure no Italians are reading this right now, but… WHATEVER! :D
^ OK, this was also too long for me to read; but interesting article on how to destroy the world… >:D


^ Google continues its takeover of the world! Yay! Soon enough, it will be able to implement things from the article above this…! >:D

^ Some chess-playing people spam other people. For some reason, their stories seem very similar to my life… and I’m already starting the spam -_-

Yep, that’s all for today. I have some content for tomorrow; however, g’night folks for now…!

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