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Wasting Time

…So, what was that filler post all about?
Basically, yesterday, my family and I decided to go and see the Olympic… stuff happening. This by itself is obviously /awesome/; however, the problem was, that we would have to stay at the library (which was where I was) for another 5 hours to conserve a bus ticket. At the time, this idea seemed pretty good; after all, I could work for a longer period of time at the library, right?
…This was proven completely wrong.
The thing is, I’ve never really stayed working at someplace for… 9 hours at a time (with a one hour break for lunch). So I didn’t really know that I had a limit; all other times when I’ve been working, I could focus until I completed my objective.
…Staying up till 1:00 for 13 consecutive days did not help this (keep in mind, my normal sleeping time is 10:00).
So, at the end, I half-read a book, half-slept for 5 hours while doing nothing at all (I also didn’t bring lined paper to write on). This was entirely to blame on myself for being unprepared. However, after that, we went to see the Olympic stuff. It was fun, obviously, but I felt that we had wasted a bit too long just seeing the laz0rz (yes, we were looking at laz0rz). By the time we got home, it was already 10:00. I had not eaten dinner. I had another 2 pages of questions to complete. And I had to search up the definitions of 50 words.
Anyways, that’s out of the way. For the twitter client thing, I’ve noticed that Chromed Bird has an API thing; apparently, this is the amount of times it refreshes per second. If it goes over 150, it apparently crashes and restarts; this has happened to me, just several hours before. Right now, I’ve adjusted mine to 66. Hopefully, this will result in no more crashes while updating at a reasonable pace.
And yeah, it’s pretty late now. Anyways, here are the links for today and yesterday;
^ Hot dogs cause choking. Yeah, this was discussed somewhat yesterday on twitter, it was also on the news… so I’m sorta late on this. Whatever. They’re probably gonna ban water soon enough for presenting a “drowning hazard” to “young children who cannot swim”. Oh yeah, young children actually /can/ swim, it’s their inner instinct.
^ Soda boxes made into the shape of the Olympic Rings. Pretty epic, if you ask me.
^ People who apply for programming can’t program. Wow, big surprise there -_- There are a series of links on the page too; I won’t bother linking all of them, but definitely do read them.
^ Michael’s in the process of creating a new tutorial! He’s even on adobe’s website now… check it out when you have the time…!

…and off to sleep. :D

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