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System Schtuffz

Alright, so this is a system post.

Basically, these are posts without any content. Yay. Except it’s not /completely/ a filler post.

I only write System posts when I update something related to the blog. Most of the time, this happens when I have no links to post as well. Yay for coincidences…

What are t3h updates then?

I HAZ ADDED PAGES. Yes, they’re /severely/ incomplete (though the contact page looks finished). I’ll add more later. Right now, I’m trying to collect all the links for the links page, and trying to find a better skin as well.

Also, just to clear up some other things;

When I say g'(day/night), this means that a person (or an inanimate object) is leaving or has entered an area (e.g. twitter). Day/night corresponds to the time that it is at -8 GMT (PST) or if the person has already said “good morning” or “good night”, it’ll be according to that, because of timezone differences and so on and so forth…

When I go on twitter every morning and at night, I’ll tweet this blog. I’ll also tweet it when I add a new post; if this is the same as when I sleep, then I’ll only tweet once because of redundancy and spamming…. just a heads-up for those who think I’m… overstressing my point.

…This blog is actually supposed to be a development blog. You can see that that is failing right now; currently, all of the posts up till now are fillers, and I suppose they will be for a pretty long time. So right now, this blog is just about a massive jumble of random topics stuck together in a really bad skin. That overlaps images. T_T

Oh, and finally, yes, this post is not posted by Mushyrulez, even though I did write it -_-

Oh, yeah, I’m also working on making a RSS; then again, nobody will check it T_T

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