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Procrastination is Productive

Alright, so, why didn’t I have time for links “yesterday”…?

The answer is simple; my parents finally noticed that 5 hours on the computer a day and sleeping at 1:00 isn’t exactly healthy for me.

…So, they asked me what I did on the computer.

Me, being, me, had no answer.

…In reality, I was merely procrastinating (I’m looking at you, twitterers and kongregators >:O).

…Thus, they decided that this procrastinating was, obviously, bad for me. I got a pretty harsh lecture and was sent off to bed, post unfinished.

…Obviously, to me this was a major blow to my “happiness” and such. Not that I had any to begin with (I’m trying my best to be completely neutral/normal in all aspects)…

While I was sleeping, I had to become philosophical, because I wasn’t philosophical long enough for the past year.

…It all came to me completely and suddenly; this is a turn for the better.


Firstly, I will now finally have the stress and harshness of my parents to support me in getting my homework completed. I’ve never had the pressure of that before (for very long, anyways), and so always got my assignments in late and in horrible quality.

Secondly, I will have to be more efficient in what I do during those vital 2 hours that I have per day while my parents are gone. This is basically squishing my 5-hours worth of time into 2; hard, but it’ll improve my productivity (for yes, I’m thinking of productive procrastination).

Thirdly, my eyesight might come back to me. Completely tentative, however.

And finally, this, where it should actually hinder my goal/dream of becoming a flash game designer (and drinking lots of beer and the like), it’s actually supporting it by strengthening my belief that PROCRASTINATION IS PRODUCTIVE. And thus, I shall focus my non-homeworking energy all on… doing whatever I was doing before.

..Another circle post, I guess. But the main thing now is that I will be online less, and thus will have less links, post less often (maybe), and appear for shorter periods of time on Twitter. D:

Anyways, links for today…!


^ Yep, we’ve all heard of Ribbon Hero. There was another article somewhere saying how it decreases workspace efficiency; I’ll look into that later….


^ Yay, job opening…! Though I doubt any real flash devs. are reading this blog… If you do apply, make sure you can actually code… -_-


^ Hmm, new blog… I feel sorry for these pets. I feel even more sorry for the humans who own these pets; I’m assuming they all have some sort of a mental disorder -_-

Maybe more things tomorrow; maybe not. Thanks for reading…!

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