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End of Winter

Alright, so… it’s the end of winter; aka, SPRING BREAK…! :D

It’s time to conduct another R.A.N.D.O.M. on myself (see these posts); before and after the break. Right now I”m pretty disorganized…

B: O, I: O, S: M, O: O, N: M

….Basically, the same, if not worse, than the previous post… I’m hoping to boost all of these to at least N, possibly A by the end of the break…

…Will rant about something tomorrow…

…And FGS (Flash Gaming Summit) and GDC (Game Developers Conference) will be on, this Monday, I think…! :D

Another downside to Chromed Bird: No spellcheck and cannot find tt’s…. Have to go to the main page for tt’s, and I sound really uneducated (which is… true) without spellcheck ;-;

..Anyways, links…!

^ Steam for mac… unfortunately, I’m not really a part of steam (me being a purely flash gamer), and I haz windows… but if you want to, clicky clicky…!
^ That’s right; FANCY PANTS WORLD 3!
^ Awesome flash! …I’m not sure what it’s really about though, maybe just for laughs -_-
^ Yep, trolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol…!
^ Really long rant… I didn’t finish reading it yet -_-
^ Charts and their ridiculousness. It’s getting so stupid it’s funny enough to post -_-
^ Useful, get an archive of all of your tweets, so it’s easier to.. view them? I didn’t install this yet though…
^ Flash is awesome, this explains why. Apparently, it’s part 1, so I’ll post the other parts when they appear…?
^ Developing games on social platforms… a GDC event :D
^ A post about data quality and why it’s important…
^ Interesting post; the world’s getting sexist these days (well, anonymity on the internet helps that…)
^ Yep, twitter recently surpassed 10 billion tweets..! Unfortunately, the 10 billionth is protected :/
^ Really, really disturbing. It’s just strange. Don’t watch it if you don’t want to. This face symbolizes my feelings completely right now :/
…Thanks for staying up so late, peoplez…! >_<

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