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Well, the day before yesterday seemed to have a lot of views that came because I pinged back Brad Borne’s blog… if any of you readers are from there, please check this blog daily too (at exactly or before 0:00 GMT, at least one new post will be up)…! Right now I’m giving you no reasons to, because there are no reasons to, but I’ll post something useful in here later…!

Right now, I’m figuring out how to configure a feed and all that; will system post later (again)…

…Anyways, links…!


^ Some guy tries to make an argument.. it sorta fails… (religion based)


^ @rune_devros and a bunch of other people have created a new version of Lost Sky Project… it’s a TH SRPG; I haven’t played it yet, but from the looks of it, it sorta looks like Fire Emblem… I’ll play this later (once again)…


^ Yep, the debate about FF, Chrome, and Opera rages on! Here’s an article comparing all of them…! Apparently Chrome’s the best, but Opera’s better for flash gaming… I’ll switch… later…


^ Update your twitter with funny statuses…! No comment (might comment later… j/k).

That’s all for now… I’ll update more.. later…

3 responses

  1. I’d be interested in knowing why you think my argument failed, if you’d care to comment.

    2010/03/08 at 03:22

  2. Was actually referring to the guy in the video, not to you… sorry for the mixup :P

    2010/03/08 at 04:04

  3. oh ok no worries

    2010/03/08 at 23:18