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End of Spring

…Not really, more like beginning of spring.

But end of spring break…

Also, the FGL Development competition has ended! I submitted a game, however, it had a fatal bug in it, making me revert it to a previous version that didn’t have the awesomesauce that it would have had (in other words, I epically failed)… working on that for the month long one though…!

So, time to conduct that R.A.N.D.O.M. that I was supposed to do…

…Who even cares about this anyways? :P

B: D

I: D

S: O

O: D

N: M

…What can I say?

This Spring Break has been a massive failure (productivity-wise).

Fun-wise, most epic spring break evar.

…Actually, I’ve been making posts with less content /during/ Spring Break, as I don’t have that extra two hours that I get during weekdays.

So, anyways, links…


^ That’s right, the USA is falling behind on broadband… they’ll “try” to get it up though… :P


^ Man sued for insulting ex-girlfriend on facebook… the internet records everything you say; you can’t get away with it.


^ China censoring other stuff nao… read the full article…


^ Government’s making something to support other people in supporting people who support people in Africa with malaria…! (Or something like that)

…Not many links at all, even with that filler post; however, will have more starting from this Tuesday…!

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