O-New: Now Extinct Website

R.A.N.D.O.M.ized Failure

B: O

I: O

S: M

O: O

N: M

…translation: I’m failing.

The blog links are halfway done (or rather, quarter-way), and I’ve just left them there to take care of later.

I’m posting a minute before the deadline of the post.

I have at least 10 tabs in my “Reopen Later” list, and I still haven’t watched the FGS and GDC recordings.

I’m a month behind in schoolwork. I haven’t done any math for 3 months.

I have two big out-of-school exams in May. I haven’t started studying for them.

And my desk is.. messy.

To add to this, I’ve become addicted to Heroes of Gaia, I’m still playing Mabinogi, and I want to start 12.5 (but I can’t).

And, a project I haven’t started on is due in the next month.

Finally, my mom is pretty darn angry at me for wasting my time making this post. Thankfully, she doesn’t know this is a blog. Just looked at the “I’m a month behind in schoolwork” part, which made her pretty mad :P

Anyways, links for today (minimal):


^ Apple removes 5000 apps…¬†Controversial decisions are controversial, but still… this is a bit stupid… (/possibly/ NSFW)


^ Some things about the American health care thingy…. but who cares, it’s American, not CANADIAN!


^ That broadband thingy…. It’s politics day, apparently. >_<

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