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Pre-Rant Post

…Alright, I’ve reached the end of my rope.

Right now, I’m really angry. Except, me being me, I’ve held that anger in.

For over half a decade.

I shall release this anger tomorrow in a rant; this is to warn you that it will contain large amounts of insults, extreme language (that I usually avoid at all costs), and much misjudgement and statements that will make you think “Holy crap Mushy is liek some sort of stupid angry german kid (BTW, that kid was acting)”.

I might add a postscript to it so that it sounds more civilized, but w/e.

..Anyways, links while I still can:


^ Some “requirements” aren’t required. Short post.


^ …iPad normal and express shipping takes the same time to arrive….


^ Google enables AdWords on Smartphones… I have no idea what that is >_<


^…on the topic of iPads; chrome OS will natively integrate flash into their very core. OOOOH I WONDER WHY


^ ..Interesting review about “SWF Protector”; it protects your SWFs >_<

That’s all; may not release on time tomorrow ;-;

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