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New Scientific Discoveries


^ Apple has released groundbreaking technology, the creation of smells from the iPhone…!


^ At the same time, Ben & Jerry has created virtual icecream; lick it to taste the flavour! It actually works, it’s not a prank.


^ Google (Canada FTW) has also revolutionized searching, with the search time being in different units, so that everyone can feel included…!


^ And Youtube introduces its also revolutionary TEXTp; allowing you to save bandwidth for people with slow internet…!


^ iPad’s app store includes various apps for business…!


^ And, sigh, it’s April Fool’s Day once again… I’m sure none of the above webpages would have any pranks or anything… but Kongregate is at it again with another fake card…. -_-


^ Google is also announcing a new idea; storing actual things in Google Docs! This ranges from your keys! Your cat! Your car! Frozen dinner! Your mom! Your house! Yourself! And it’s all for only 10 cents a kilogram….! Sign up now to get a free ton of storage…!


^ Prescription windscreens…! So you don’t have to wear glasses while driving…!

Also, I’m starting MapleStory again.


…Happy April Fool’s Day…!


^ Full list here…!

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