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Not at Home

…So, I’m at a friend, @davesunnyo’s house.

…er, basically, we spent the day writing the pysanky I was talking about in a previous post.

…Uploading the photos right now would be… er, inconvenient…

So, anyways, his desktop is being occupied, so we have to use his laptop.

The keys are so tiny I have no idea how he manages to type on them without making mistakes. It’s virtually impossible typing on here without typing 2, 3, or 4 keys at once.

And then, I’m also borrowing @YuChoy’s iPod.

The keys are even tinier.

I’m trying to tweet, but it’s pretty hard. There’s no caps lock, and typing one character at a time is painful.

Anyways, it was mostly fun (because I had access to a computer, woohoo!), and we also made a random youtube video. I’m the piano-playing guy. Also, there was a tonic chord at the end but it got cut off, so we’ll leave you in suspense.

Anyways, no link s because I haven’t been on the computer for long enough. Will upload photos and links tomorrow~

Finally, double spoiler egg has succeeded. If it breaks, then someone is going to die….. but it won’t, so woohoo…!

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