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Running for the Bus

This always happens.

Eh, failed .gif quality. If only paint SAVED palettes after you closed it…

…Anyways, links (and apologize for late post):


^ …augmented reality tetris. Need I say any more? Apparently I do, or else I wouldn’t have typed this…. You know, there’s no point to reading this, because I’m not telling you what’s in the video. Why am I still typing? This has no relation to the above topic…


^ …people are losing jobs because of the increase of minimum wage…


^ …if you’ve read xkcd, (and if you haven’t, then you’re not a human), you’ll remember the tetris hell thing… and someone happens to have created it! Go kill yourselves now ;)


^ …Apple’s reconsidering a ban, and let a famous satirist resubmit has iPhone app…!

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