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O-REW 2: Michael James Williams

…Alright, so this is another review…

..You all remember my… advert? On FrozenHaddock’s website. His main point was his AS2 avoider game tutorial, right…?

..Well, the main point of Michael James William’s website is around his AS3 Avoider Game tutorial, which was ported from FH’s tutorial.

It’s apparently “used as an educational tool in schools worldwide”, though I still doubt this.

It’s 12 parts long and extremely well-written, so that PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND IT! OH MY GOD!

Even after having a highly successful tutorial on his main site, he created a second site, http://avoidergame.com/, which better serves to add more tutorials…!

He’s also working for ActiveTuts+ as… something.

So, I encourage you to check out his site ’cause I told you to… but this is only a flash tutorial, so…

…links (and videos!). Also, what’s a “MMD”..? I’ve heard it around youtube too often >_>

^ …Seems alot of people like fighting now… this is Yuyuko

^ And this is Alice…

^ Bad Apple with.. countries?


^ …people made perverted children’s toys… though they may have not realized it. Possibly NSFW…


^ …Adam Savage makes a speech about something…


^ People will be examining the plans of England’s Liberal Democrats… I really have no idea what’s going on +_+

…Yeah, that’s all, visit his site…!

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