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…Alright, just an update on the categories: I’ve completely revamped the categories so that it’s more.. organized.

Here’s the order: Series > Drawings (those drawings I make) > Animanga > Gaming > Rants > Organization > Life > Links > Filler.System is separate.

Now each post only has one category which should make for easier browsing (not that anyone browses this site)…! You can still use tags to search for everything with one tag though.

…As you can see, this is in Organization as it’s more important than Links :P

^ Spongebob Yagami. Death Note Spongebob +_+


^ Once again, another article detailing how much Apple sucks :P


^ …And we can change adobe air games to Android in only 10 minutes… Google > Apple…


^ …Apple hires an IGN editor as its app store game editorial chief…


^ …Do women dressed immodestly cause earthquakes? Sorta stupid question, but we won’t know until we try, on Monday :P

Bulbasaur sends out Mushyrulez!

…well, check back tomorrow, I guess…!

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