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An Organizational Voyage 2


So, I’ve completed the two most important assignments of the past week; however, I still have 2 overdue assignments, plus a report at the end of the week….

…Thus, my plan for this week is to make sure I have no overdue stuff.

Internet-wise, I haven’t looked at google reader for god knows how long, so I’ll have to get that done.

However, I have come up with a much larger problem….

…Maplestory’s event is ending.

Which means it’s time to grind up some 8 levels to level 30 so that I can get those limited time items! This will undoubtably drain my time, but I will stop as soon as the event is finished…

…yeah, noone’s believing me there, right..?

Anyways, the next few posts will be boring and contentless like this one… but whatever.


^ …Zynga (farmville, anyone..?) makes over $1,000,000… a day.

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