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Heroes of Gaia 3

…That’s right.

Because I’ve been stressed enough with schoolwork, MapleStory, extracurricular work, MapleStory, forums, and MapleStory, I have decided to quite Heroes of Gaia…

…Thanks for all of you who joined the guild, x1ky2k. The guild will now be turned over to Gota, who is… awesome. I’ll leave all the organizing up to her (him?).

…It’s been nice, but I got the badge, and, well, I farm for badges. If there wasn’t a limit, I’d prolly keep on playing until my eyes died out, but I just have too much work (and it’s getting suspicious anyways)….

…So yeah. Thanks for joining and boosting us up to one of the top 35 guilds in Pandora; keep up the good work, and… well, separate the guilds when you need to :P Don’t say I didn’t tell you…!


(Oh, and check this blog out often, subscribe to my twitter, or add me as a friend on Kong… I’m not going to be inactive, just quitting HoG, that’s all).

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