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An Organizational Voyage 3

…So now, my goal is MapleStory Level 30.

…I just got to level 24…

What I have now is essentially 5 days (I don’t play Sat-Mon) to gain 6 levels. This means that I’ll just need to gain 2 levels tomorrow, and one level every day after that…

…But here’s a snag.

I also need to finish the Ariant PQ (because I’m a collectible-fanatic), as well as the Evan Everyday Event and miscellaneous crap like that. Now, the crayons dropped for another quest only drop on Thursday, Saturday, and Monday, but that specific event ends on Sunday. So I’ll have to log on for 30 minutes during those days, which happen to be doable, suicidal, and suspicious, respectively (parents home, MapleStory = LOLWTF).

…Anyways, that’s my plan, and it’s not going to work, but WHATEVER :D


^ ..An interview with an indie game developer…!


^ NASA has a conference tomorrow about the search for extraterrestrial life…


^ Hamlet’s set to release on DVD and Blu-Ray… soon. I have no idea what they’re talking about. :/


^ …More than 7200 people were charged for not wearing seatbelts on Ontario highways…


^ ..Some person writes their thesis on… dwarf fortress. LOLWUT


^ They found where to put the “Extremely Large Telescope”! Yes, that’s what it’s called. Go science.

^ Marasy plays something… Argh parseeeeeeeeeeeee

^ …Rock paper scissors can cause people to go insane…

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