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Presentation Effect 3: Acknowledged Improvisation

…And once again (after a fairly long pause), here is the third part of the presentation effect; Acknowledged Improvisation.

…So we all know how boring speeches are. This has been stressed to epic proportions in my class. Every time someone does an improvisation, whether it’s good, bad, or just wants to make you gouge your ears out because of the presenter’s utter lack of any skill whatsoever, the feedback given at the end is always “I liked the way you used improvisation in your presentation.”

Honestly, Improvisations don’t beat speeches.

Both ways, there are goo and bad presenters. Good presenters of speeches can make it incur all of the positive qualities of improvisations. Bad presenters of improvisation will not have any content. At all (like this rant ;w;).

Firstly, let’s analyze improvisation an speeches.

Speeches tend to get disliked, as they are inflexible, lowers the presenter’s voice, makes it a monotone, or for lack of eye contact. Hmm, let’s see: the first one is because of a bad presenter, the second one is because of a bad presenter, the third one is because of a bad presenter, and the fourth one is because of a bad presenter. WHAT TRENDS DO WE SEE HERE, I WONDER?

What about the positives of improvisation? They offer flexibility, there’s no paper to block the presenter’s voice, there’s no script to make it a monotone, and you have to make eye contact. Strangely similar to something I wrote before…

Thus, we can conclude that all the bonuses of improvisation can be met with well-crafted speeches presented by a good presenter. However, what about the flip side…?

Improvisations lack structure. Frequent grammar mistakes and a casual tone make them sound extremely unprofessional. If it were just a conversation, sure, using improvisation would be fine (in fact, if you don’t, then you’re just… stupid). But during a FORMAL, ASSESSED presentation, would you really want to sound casual in front of your teacher? Pauses also dot improvs, as well as no general flow. Sure, you could use my previous argument against me and say that that varies with the level of the presenter. However, it doesn’t. No matter who we are, we will always sound unstructured, casual, incorrect, and unprofessional.

Meanwhile, speeches cannot duplicated casualness, unless you really suck. They are structured, and can be edited to remove grammar mistakes. Most importantly, they’re professional. You can be sure that someone like Barack Obama would use a speech, not improvise. It’s also safe. You can stumble on an improv and get a 0, but speeches are right there. You can’t possibly mess them up.

There’s also a difference between a memorized speech, structured improvisation, and true improvisation. True improv. just downright sucks (by that, I mean extremely risky), and a memorized speech is a waste of time. Meanwhile, a structured improv is a merge between improvisation and speech; it employs the structure of speeches with the benefits of improvisation.

Their range is probably the most important factor. As seen in my lovely graph, it should look like this:

Go MSPaint and reformatting failures

Although structured improv seems better than speeches, a well-conducted speech can present not only facts, but also philosophical comments on the topic. Thus, improvs have a lower cutoff point.

Anyways, this isn’t getting to the main point of this post yet.

The main point is why people would improvise.

Seeing that I’m me, I have improvised for every single one (16) of my projects. Why? Not because I want to, but because they’re the most time-efficient way. Time is the only factor in my life, and it is the reason why I’m so stressed most of the time (unintentional pun woohoo). Now what I don’t get is those people who have so much time, yet they acknowledge that they are presenting an improvisation. Not even I say “Oh, and just a note, this is an improvisation which means that I didn’t spend any time making it, so it sucks and has no actual meaning behind it because I’m making it up on the spot”. It would be better for their self-respect if they were to hide the fact that it is an improv, yet they willingly admit that it is, proactively. Even before people ask them to, they tell us. That shows that the general populace believes that improvisation is a skill valued higher than a good speech. Then why does Barack Obama use a speech? Why does (I hate to admit it) Stephen Harper use a speech? Because they’re the best. They may not be the most efficient, but they are the very best in presentation technologies.

Anyways, to conclude, I’ll continue improvising as my life is too crowded. However, as soon as I get time, I’ll craft a quality speech; for that is the point of this post, to show you that speeches are better than improvisations.

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^ …A school cuts a gay person’s photo from yearbook… actually, they removed every single record of her. Liek, wtf..?!


^ …A third of people interviewed say that their pets listen better than their spouse… but are they even listening? >_<


^ FFV and VI won’t be coming to DS anytime soon… heh, I don’t even have a DS -_-


^ With facebook social gaming and stuff liek that, a lot of people are liek “OMG THIS IS LIEK OSSIM NAO” …I don’t feel literate today…

(Nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10511103)

^ …Guitar playing guy.

(Nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10511103)

^ ..’nother Guitar playing guy. They might be the same people. I don’t know… >_<

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^ …

…More updates on MapleStory tomorrow, but g’bai for today…!

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