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[Rant] Productivity

Our class has five computers.

For some reason, people seem to love crowding around them. Yeah, this would be explainable if VSB didn’t block virtually every website (Oh, we’re blocking the library catalogue because you could search for pesticides, and those kill ants, which is violent). So, they crowd around there to do nothing.

Yes, nothing.

As I write this, a certain person is not even looking at the screen and still hogging the computer.

She happens to have been on the computer for the past 2 hours.

And what did she finish?

“Oh, I’m writing my timeline” she said at 10:30. I asked her again 2 hours later and got the same reply.

Apparently, she spent 2 hours creating CHECKBOXES. Yes, freaking checkboxes on microsoft word with those fancy [ ] brackets.

I would understand it if people used the computers for more productive purposes. That would warrant reason tostay.

However, knowledgeably stalling on the computer while I need to type up 5 pages of finished work (yes, finished, except to be typed) is just plain wrong. That’ s taking selfishness to a whole new level; not doing stuff solely for personal gain, but doing NOTHING for NO GAIN just to torture people who ACTUALLY WANT TO WORK IN SCHOOL. That’s like, going to the bathroom to sleep just to annoy the people who actually want to use it. There’s no freaking point. Also, who sleeps in the bathroom anyways? That’s just gross >_>

I have nothing more to say. Then why did I write the above useless rant?


EDIT: Yes, I have finally gained access to a computer. I’m still typing up my five pages of stuff, but… well… I don’t have any anger anymore, so I won’t update the rant. There it is, my thought process in its originality, pure… nonsense ._.

…Anyways, videos and links…!


^ …An interesting article on the founder of Zynga; farmville and mafia wars. It’s in a negative sense, though…


^ really long post about apple…

^ …A Remi/Flan… video…?

^ Another one featuring SDM residents…

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