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An Organizational Voyage 4

…It’s May~

Anyways, back onto the organizational track. I recently gained 3 levels (in one day :O), and so now I am level 27…

…The event ends on Tuesday (or Wednesday, I forgot). As Sat – Mon is X_X if I play, that leaves only one day to gain 3 levels…

…Fortunately, I’ve completed the Evan treasure chest thing, so now I have 7 free inventory spaces, and found that the ariant PQ goes up till level 30; so I can get to level 30 and then attempt to get the chair, dying once in a while to balance EXP.

Thus, my organizational voyage for maplestory is soon to be over.

…Unfortunately, my disappearance from other fields have… caused some.. discrepancies.

....Google Reader and Twitter extensions don't work past 4 digits...

…And yeah. So links:


^ …A Unity Guidebook has been released… check it out…?


^ Some people get angry at some guy mocking some indian guy with a weird name… AND IT’S POLITICAL AS WELL

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