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An Organizational Voyage 6

…So for some reason, I’m watching too much anime  (or enough that I still can’t get organized)..

I’ll follow through with my previous plan except with only one episode of anime a day, and also focus on my test (that I got 44.5% on last time >_<;). In other words, I’ll be pretty busy this week..

Also, I’ll also register for the myriad of forums I have in my backup tabs, just because registering earlier gives moar ossimness.

Links then:


^ So this guy didn’t hold open the elevator door, so he got beaten with.. a pan of pasta. What a waste of pasta.


^ …An amazingly addictive game… 3D tetris O_o (though in reality it’s just normal tetris with a continuous side instead of walls)


^ …Apparently Fox News doesn’t like people who take content off the web, and call that “illegal”, but they’re doing it themselves..


^ Google changed their look, as of yesterday; I’m sure you guys noticed…


^ …Older article about the testing that happened…


^ …What would happen if mario was made in 2010… though the graphics would suck more, too :P

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