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An Organizational Voyage 7

…So. I organized all of my reopen lat0rz and registered for all of the forums so now all I need to do is actually read them…! Anyways, links and videos (published from school O_o):


^ Twittar bug exploited and fixed; all followers and following were reseted to 0, but I seem to have just missed it :/

^ …Feed a Starving Young Canadian Composer award..! PV; Actual link here. Participate…!

^ Moar ossim night of nights (guitar) – nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm10661174

^ ..Japanese make everything ossimer. Even microsoft. :/

^ Italian parody of the OP for Hokuto no Ken…. doesn’t need any more comment…

Then some UTAU stuff. Nico links weren’t there :/

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