O-New: Now Extinct Website

A System Post

…Well, there haven’t been many of these for some time :/

Anyways, I added some stuff to the left hand screen (did you ever notice that? There’s a sidebar ohmigosh), but they’re all useless. RSS seems to be broken… I won’t bother fixing it, but there’s a subscribe at the very bottom of the sidebar. Email subscriptions would be good, however, you’ll get spammed :/

Er, I also deleted the links; I’m working on an actual links page, however, it will only include links that I have O-REW’d or else there’d be too many to look at at once. I’ll organize those later too.

..Yeah, I guess that’s it… er, my next task with the blog is to actually get all of those links ready for a review, so that I can add them to the page. Then I might learn some HTML to make this look less bad >_>

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