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Angel Beats! 7

Oh hey I'm copying team rocket

…So yeah, mah first anipost, I guess… (for some reason captions don’t look really good, might be because of POOR SITE DESIGN)

Anyways, for those of you who haven’t been watching Angel Beats!, I’m not going to summarize it; I’ll just ramble on and on. Go watch it. If you have, then read the rest of this post…

…So, basically in this episode, Naoi uses his REISEN POWARS to hypnotise Otonashi so that he can recover his memories.


Then we learn that Otonashi was an idiot in life who failed at school. Then his sister dies so he gets all emo and decides to learn MEDICINING so that he can SAVE people. Unfortunately just as he was going to go to University the train he’s on crashes and he dies.

The SSS then go out to fish because they were bored of blowing giant fans to suck tickets out of peoples pockets, and Tenshi manages to catch a monstrous fish that couldn’t possibly have fit in the river. In fact, it’s so big that everyone was almost going to be swallowed by it, until Tenshi uses…

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu Sign (I can copy both Naruto AND FMA)

As you can see, there’s actually a Tenshi /behind/ the first Tenshi – which means she’s PERFECTED INFINITE CLONINGGGGGGG

And with that she cuts up the giant fish. By giant, I mean GIANT.

This would seem normal if those dots in front of the fish WEREN'T PEOPLE

And so everyone’s happy and everything until Yuri gets STABBED by the other Tenshi.


So yeah.

IMHO this series seems extremely disjointed – first, they fight against Tenshi and “win” after just 5 episodes. For a long time, I thought she’d be the primary antagonist for the entire duration of the show, but she converts just halfway through. Then in episode 6 Naoi becomes an enemy, and so I thought he’d be another primary antagonist, being God and everything. Except he converts at the END OF EPISODE 6. If this continues, that means that Tenshi2 will become an ally at the end of episode 8, and two more antagonists would be introduced, which is already too much. Even at the very beginning I felt overwhelmed by the huge cast of characters (just like how you’re getting overwhelmed by this huge textwall, which in comparison to other aniblogs isn’t really that big). There were just too many people, and now they’re going to introduce even more?!

Well, I guess I can’t make any accurate predictions now – but Tenshi2 converting at the end of the next chapter is.. a major possibility. After all it’s a freaking CLONE of Tenshi. Maybe an epic clone war will happen [no pun intended, seriously].


Just watch the next episode >_>

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