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Angel Beats! 8

Why yes, yes it is.

In this episode, teh angel zombie apocalypse is well underway, as they realize that Tenshi has a technique that lets her make clones. A lot of them.

Enharmonic cloning

Yuri haxx0rz into Tenshi’s (unguarded?!) computer and makes a few modifications to her cloning skill while everyone else actually GOES TO CLASS (but obviously don’t pay attention)!

Japan, the home of cheap air conditioning

They hid the real Tenshi at the bottom floor of Guild that was firebomb’d a looong time ago, so they decide to go down and everyone dies, because it’s a

Ackbar would be proud.

At the end, only Otonashi and Yuri are left again, as usual, and they get Tenshi (to attempt) to reverse what happened, and so she does that with BULBASAUR-COPIED ABSORB


…Eh, not much to say this episode. Just found it sorta weird that since Tenshi was able to just jump and lift, like, 30 people 30 metres into the air, how is she not able to shake off one person (during the sacrifices into Guild)? I mean, even Naoi managed to somehow pin her. Not only that but she wasn’t even pinned most of the time, just her blade in their body, and thus she should be able to just take it out and continue stabbing other people, right…? Eh, plot devices, I won’t bother talking about them.

I can say that I’m looking forward to next episode though, seems that something either really good (Tenshi goes back to normal) or really bad (Holy crap I have so many evil clones now I have infinite powaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr time to kill everyone) will happen, but that’s next week…!

Yes I have 4 legs I am that awesome

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