O-New: Now Extinct Website


Well, as you know, I’ve been somewhat neglecting this blog with fillers and the like (views dropped down to 10 as of today), so…

I’m recruiting new bloggers to blog for my site…!

…I’m pretty sure noone will apply though >_>

Anyways, you need to be able to make something like a post a day (prolly less cause I’m still alive), not want to steal all of my money from my bank account of which the number may or may not be in a post draft, and I have to at least know you personally (not exactly IRL, but like, I know who you are… if you’re a Nigerian prince, GTFO)…

I’m putting this up for a while because I want to actually do stuff in Summer and not post stuff all day, so… :D if you volunteer!

Oh and no pay/compensation/wage, sorry (why would you even want pay?!)

4 responses

  1. Sean

    Me! Just don’t blame me if the post sucks…

    2010/05/28 at 23:49

  2. No pay? You gotta be kidding me, what kind of blasphemy is this? D:

    2010/05/29 at 17:46

  3. It’s Communism. 8D

    2010/05/30 at 00:01

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