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Recruiting 2

Well, I’ve recruited someone… yay!

It was really really hard to choose who to pick, because there were just SO MANY applications…

It took FOREVER even just to LOOK at every single one of them…!

…Er, actually there were only 2 applications :X

Anyways, the new poster is someone I know from real life, so I dunno what to call him on the interwebz (this is why people should just use one username for everything >:O)…

…I guess he’ll write his introductions, hopefully on time and all that.

In the meantime, I’ll be spending all my time focusing on my final project and chinese exam (#SuicideSaturday); hopefully I’ll be back next Sunday, at the latest…

I’ll have some aniposts out after Tuesday though :D (hopefully)…

In a side note, this is officially my 100th post (not counting system posts, it’d be something like 105 if you counted them though :/)…!

So I guess I’m leaving with a bang.


^ Arrange of Deaf to all but the song; it’s much slower :D

^ オリエンタルダークフライト remix…? Gets sorta repetitive after a while but still interesting…!

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