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Introduction to a new member of the O-New TEAM!

Mushyhijack: [I’m gone tomorrow for something, so I just had to post this cause it was already up. Sorry yuchoy if you were hoping on editing it a bit :heh:]

So hello everyone,

I’m yuchoy, also known as Extoria. I’m joining O-New as a contributor, but maybe eventually I’ll turn into an author.

Anyways for people who don’t know what a yu choy is, it is:

er…so yeah that’s the basic idea on what I look like.

Anyways, as a first post, I’m going to do a video review (that I, as in Mushy, because I have mysteriously hijacked this post as I am the all-ruling all-seeing administrator of this feeble blog [/pride] have not come up with an acronym yet because the original writer of this post which wasn’t Mushy but some guy introduced above failed to come up with an acronym that I could create an acronym out of and so I (as Mushy) am obliged to hijack this post) I recently went through Youtube, and found the Top Rated videos section. At the top of the list, I found “Top Ten Biggest and Best Jumps Ever” In a nutshell, it’s a montage of people who (in my opinion) hate their life, thus attempt to kill themselves, but fail at it, and then becomes an internet sensation, thus making their life better and livable. I mean, jumping out of a plane wearing nothing but shorts? (no parachute) You probably don’t know what I’m talking about,  but that’s because you haven’t watched the video! Oh and if you haven’t watched it, don’t read on cuz its a SPOILER ALERT! Go to the link below to watch it.



So I’ll be reviewing the ten jumps

10.There was nothing extremely suicidal about this jump, but the jump overall was beautifully done, and he was quite professional, so…er…good job.

9.My first reaction to when I saw this was…LOLWUT? So let’s summarize. You have…a guy wearing nothing but red shorts, jumping out of a plane, drinking a can of Red Bull, and has no PARACHUTE? O_o Yeah he must hate his life a lot.

8. Wow. Now that…is just plain suicide. Like seriously, imagine that guy missing the top of that arch, and smacking his head onto the top, then falling to his death. You wouldn’t even have to “FINISH HIM!” It’d just be insta-FATALITY

7.That must be a pretty scary experience, not being able to see where you’re falling down to. You’re just falling…and then omigod a huge monster pops up and eats you. Yeah thats creepy.

6.This jump in my opinion deserves to be in the number 1 spot. IS THIS GUY A FRIGGING NINJA? Forgot Keanu Reeves. This guy believes man, he believes. HE IS THE ONE. Man, I thought jumping like that only happened in the Matrix. >_>

5.I don’t really get why this one is so amazing, so if anyone knows, comment plox.

4.Double backflip. Now that is skill, and nerve.

3.FYI, this jump still holds the world record for biggest dive in the world. That takes a lot of courage to do that. I would probably shit my pants just looking down. lol but I like his hair.

2.My first reaction was that it was a flying banana, or I possibly awesomebananadancer decided to try to fly. Anyways, those guys look like banana torpedos, homing in on their targets. Maybe they could go for flying yu choys next?

1.This guy…really doesn’t like his life. Did you see his face after he got rescued? He was like “8D” “lol theres this guy slapping my faic” He is mental. You have to be crazy to jump from space. How the crud do you even think of those type of things? “oh lol I’m just going to jump high above the stratosphere and possibly I’ll land on Earth and not die” -_-.

I noticed something interesting. For jumps 10, 9, 8, and 7, they all had the Red Bull logo on it. In other words, unless you want to end up like those suicide people jumping out of planes wearing nothing but shorts, don’t drink Red Bull.

Well, er…so that’s the first post by me. :D. Hope it’s okay. K bai internet

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  1. Oh dear god!!!A talking vegetable!(Or more likely:A vegetable that make blog posts.)I knew this was going to happen with todays biogenetic vegetables…Im sure it won’t be long enough befoure they also start taking our jobs too.(They ain takin ma job,no sir.)Anyway,that’s a nice post.Yep,these guys sure like to mess around with good ol death.(Come on.Give the guy a little break…)And that guy who jumped from space…well at least he is not wearing only shorts.(You have to be Ultra ice man to be able to jump from space only in shorts…)

    2010/06/03 at 07:15

  2. Hehe, I think I may have recruited too many… living organisms >_>
    But still the guy who jumped from space didn’t drink red bull, so he’s not wearing just shorts :P

    2010/06/04 at 01:53

  3. oh hairou pplz. Yes I am a vegetable (“oh my!” indeed). Anyways, yeah thanks for noticing the post. It was my first post, so it was nice to get feedback, even if I am a blogging vegetable. :P. Anyways, >_> Mushy you only recruited two living organisms for your blog, one is a banana, and the other is a Chinese Vegetable. ROTFL why are we all based on food? I mean, we ARE food, not pretending to be…food. K bai.

    2010/06/04 at 02:14

  4. I guess you are the new Aqua teen hunger force :D :D But you know even vegetables and plants have the rights to create a society where they will be able to live and do stuff freely.And blogging.That’s what they are good at.Even the most popular bloggers are vegetables in disguise.(Ok let’s stop ourselves a bit from saying more weird stuff.)

    2010/06/04 at 12:32

  5. Heh heh…you could say that. And it’s really not possible for any of us current bloggers on O-New to not say anything weird. After all, we know each other quite well. Um…yeah…kthxbai
    (I like ending with kthxbai :D)

    2010/06/04 at 14:57

  6. Yeah, the moment I started using “kthxbai”, yuchoy decided to take it cuz he liked my term so much

    2010/06/04 at 20:57

  7. EXCUSE ME? YOU STARTED IT? No, to be completely correct, nigahiga started it, and I mentioned it in a conversation, and then you started phoning me, and then going “kthxbai” >_>

    2010/06/04 at 21:05

  8. Er no Ihasacheezburger had the first reference


    2010/06/05 at 05:30