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Durarara!! 19, 20, & 21


…As you know, I’ve been away, so lumping all these episodes together >_>

So, first, Anri managed to infiltrate the Yellow Scarves’ SUPER SECRET NOTUNDERGROUND BASE DURR HURR


Where she learnt that Kida is t3h leedar.

She then gets “saved” (she has a freaking katana why would she need to get saved) by Celty who JUMPS OVER A WALL. ON A HORSE. WHICH IS ACTUALLY A MOTORCYCLE WTF

Ooh Emerald and Ruby those cost a lot

So now Anri knows that Kida’s the leader of the Yellow Scarves. Kida knows nothing. Mikado knows nothing.

On to the next episode~

…Which is basically Kida and Team Kadota talking about nothing in Russia Sushi. Really not worth watching :/

But this part is awesome.

They then tell Kida to contact Izaya to find out who the leeda of the dollars is.

So now, Anri knows that Kida’s the leader, Kida knows that Mikado’s the leader, and Mikado knows nothing yet again.

Sakuya-san? Sakuya-san? Room cleaning stop!

Which concludes episode 20.

Finally, in episode 21, both Mikado and Kida lose their control over their gangs and SHIT HAPPENS.


And Anri’s just micromanaging everyone through Reisen hypnosis.

Snakes in a can

Everything’s just escalating now, as Kida finally realizes that the SLASHARZ is actually Anri. Mikado talks to (and encourages the consumption of high-energy beverages) various random people but STILL KNOWS NOTHING AT ALL THE FREAKING IDIOT


And then it ends with Anri being kidnapped.





I don’t get it.

There’s three episodes left and it’s still building?

There’s a lot of things wrong with this now.

Firstly, why wouldn’t Kida just DIRECTLY TALK TO MIKADO OR ANRI?! He knows both of them are the Dollarleader and Slasher, so if he just talked to them everything could be sorted out.

What’s with the one episode where everyone just talks for half an hour?! And then Walker and Erika’s blasphemous nonsense about some otaku fantasy world that noone understood at all (If you did, get outta here)?!

Why couldn’t Anri just slash through everyone and run away? Or just tell Kida that she (not U.N. Owen) was her?

Why does that Russian Sushi chef has epic knife skills?!

…Ignore the last one.

I was really hyped up about this anime in the intermediate episodes with all the Shizuo-Tastumaki Senpuukyakunesses, but now it feels like it’s declining. Instead of being an anime that builds up towards the climax it feels like the climax is already over and this is the denouement :<

Then again it could just build up until the last episode and then EPIC WAR START…

Eh, this series wasted enough of my life for me to watch it till the end, I guess.

The old ending was still way better though.

So is Youmu.

10 responses

  1. Roger

    I don’t see how them talking to each other would solve everything. Recap of the current situation. Kida wants to stop the Yellow Scarves from attacking Dollars but can’t. Anri wants to stop the Yellow Scarves from attacking Dollars but can’t. Mikado wants to stop the Yellow Scarves from attacking Dollars but can’t.

    2010/06/07 at 08:09

  2. Hmm, I suppose that’s true; but the reason the Yellow Scarves and Dollars are attacking are /because/ of misunderstandings. The Yellow Scarves think that the Slasher and Celty are on the Dollars’ side, so they attack the Dollars out of fear. The Dollars attack the Yellow Scarves out of retaliation. If the Yellow Scarves realized that the Slasher/Celty aren’t really on anyone’s side, they would stop attacking the Dollars. The Dollars would stop retaliating, and the war would basically stop. Anri would also stop manipulating the Slashers cause there’s no point anymore; noone’s fighting, so she wouldn’t need to stop anyone from fighting…

    Then again this is an anime


    Who are you, btw?

    2010/06/07 at 15:27

  3. Roger

    Celty IS a member of Dollars, a truer member of Dollars then anyone save Izaya, I would say. She knows the leader, she done operations with him in the past, she’s independent in the end but that goes for everyone else in Dollars too.

    But the Yellow Scarves aren’t attacking because of a misunderstanding, not anymore, the Slasher came to spy on them, the Slasher hypnotised their troops and turned them against them and is doing it on behalf of Dollars.

    It’s not a misunderstanding that any of the three could fix unless Kida forced Horoda & Co to sit down with Anri as she explains exactly what Saika is and what she and Haruna have been through for the last five years. And that’s IF Horoda really doesn’t have an agenda. Which, considering he’s actually a Blue Square, I don’t buy.

    And I’m just Roger, no secret identity that would have any meaning to you.

    2010/06/07 at 16:38

  4. Yeah, but by solving the misunderstanding and telling the Slasher to stop hypnotizing the Yellow Scarves will mean the Scarves won’t really attack anyone anymore…


    2010/06/09 at 02:31

  5. Roger

    How do you figure? The attacks began not because their troops were hypnotised but because they wanted to defeat the Slasher for injuring people all over Ikebukero. And like I said that still happened and Haruna is the culprit, they’d just shift their attention to a different crazed teenage girl. And that’s IF Kida could get them all to believe all of this. Which doesn’t seem likely at this point.

    2010/06/09 at 11:19

  6. Eh. The slasher really didn’t do anything harmful to them; they have no reason to attack the slasher. I mean, all of the slasher’s victims survived, right?

    Unless I’m reading this wrong. Heh, I admit defeat; we’ll just have to see what happens in the next episode then…

    2010/06/09 at 23:01

  7. Roger

    They survived but they still 20 something people in the hospital with stabwounds.

    2010/06/10 at 08:14

  8. :O In the Shizuo-kick scene, none of them had any injuries from the Slasher; how did the Slasher infect those people…? I know others have wounds (e.g. Anri) but why didn’t those people have wounds…?

    (Completely Unrelated)

    2010/06/10 at 23:15

  9. Roger

    Beats me, we know that all of the Slasher victims had to be cut. Some less serious, some worse, but those three Yellow Scarves at the end of episode 5 are definitely what I’d call the worse case. Go watch the end of that episode and tell me Haruna didn’t go psycho on their asses.

    2010/06/11 at 04:05

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