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Angel Beats! 9 & 10

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Another anime-grouping post. It’s tsunday eh I have tiem


So basically Otonashii remembers that OH MY GAWD HE DIDN’T DIE DURING THE TRAIN CRASH

..Being the doctor-student he is he tries to SAVE EVERYONE

But that’s impossible if you have something like

This O_o

But who cares, he tries that anyways.

So they’re stuck in a train tunnel and people start dying

I'm /pretty/ sure he's dead now...

…Eventually Otonashii realizes that HE HAS A CARD



and it says this:

Notice; "when", not "if"

And obviously he dies right before the huge excavator thingy comes in to save them.


Fast forward to the present (present being ep. 10), and you realize that Otonashii and Tenshi are now trying to make everyone disappear (so everyone can be HAPPY), starting with Yui cause she’s Yui.

Unfortunately, they severely underestimated the ability of a person paralyzed from a spinal cord injury and forced to watch Barney on the television every single day to create astoundingly impossible wishes.

Basically, Yui got pwnt by a car and stayed in bed. There she watched WRESTLERS and SOCCER KICKERS and BASEBALL HITTERS and BAND PEOPLE WITH GUITARS AND STUFF. She’s already a band person with a guitar and stuff, so the next one would be wrestling.

After slamming Otonashii into the ground too many times she wins, while all of you just lost the game.

Read the above sentence. Now read it again. Now read it again. Contradictory much?

Then she goes off to try soccer. Through Tenshi’s UBER CROSSBOW THINGAMAJIGGY WHICH SNIPES EVERYONE she manages to weave through liek 5 pplz and liek score liek a goalthing ololol

Me want :<

Finally she tries baseball but fails.

Atai Cirno~?

But then Otonashii realizes her last goal is actually to get married, as she was all paralyzed IRL (lululululul this is t3h interwebz). Obviously that would be an insult to his personal morale, however Hinata accepts and then…





Angel Beats is getting better and better now (though it’s also ending in two or three eps, durr hurr). The time when they signed the brain-dead-I’mma-donate-mah-useless-organs-to-random-people-I-don’t-know form was actually moving (damn you Key), as was the final few minutes of Yui’s episode…

But then again, everything was just obvious from the beginning.

In episode 9, the one thing I didn’t expect was that he would survive. After he did everything was straight anime style; “I want to help out everyone so that they can live, I found out I have fatal disease/virus/sickness/injury/whatever, I do something inspirational, I die, a second after I die something comes to save everyone else besides me.”


Episode 10 was… interesting. The scene where Tenshi grabbed Yui’s guitar and ran away was a bit too… obvious that



Anyways, I suppose Yui did know that someone was manipulating strings and such (the ball curved in another direction after it was shot O_o), but didn’t really care. Eh, believable.

All in all, stuff was interesting; Key likes to alternate light/dark scenes, so the next one’s probably about a certain person with a giant halberd…

Though the episode we’re all looking forward to the most is still TK.

j00 can't beat t3h onehanded headspin, yo

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  1. ANGEL BEATS!!!YAY.I watched the episode already.But still it was pretty good.For a new anime,Angel Beats is pretty nice.(Something we don’t see often.)Then again,it’s made by KEY and as we all know,KEY are pretty good when it comes to anime and visual novels.

    2010/06/07 at 09:11