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A Filler Post 11, not 13 lern2countlolol

Yeah this is a filler, more stuff coming soon. (Debate on whether turtles are awesomer than snakes, aniposts, oneg’s)

For now, you get to read this random fact about me: I’m not weird, I’m limited edition.


Er yeah. I apologize, but my mom’s taking an exam this week, meaning she occupies the computer 99% of the time… Here’s why I wanted to recruit YuChoy a bit later so that you’d read something during this week, but I guess that’s a bit mehish right now…

Stuff is happening with the tags system as the new pplz haven’t actually used many of them (and thus don’t know which ones to apply to which, not like it’s organized at all anyways)…

…Ignore the first non-mushyhijack paragraph, I have no idea what banana means by that >_>

And.. yeah. Fillers coming until the next #SuicideSaturday and by then maybe stuff’ll happen.



easy modo ._.

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