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Er…don’t run away just cuz the title is stoopid, but anyways, I’m sure everyone will remember, but you know how schools like to um…stop bullying by showing us stoopid movies/videos? Our school decided to er…make a change because they noticed (took them awhile no?) that there was a little bit of bullying at our school. (BULLYING OH MY!) So then they somehow dug up this old movie, (I think 3 years back) called THE ANT BULLY! >_> Basically, the cartoon revolves around this nerdy short guy, (that has ginger hair? If he was just a little bit fatter and bigger, he would kinda be like CopperCab) who is like bullied by this fat guy, and then the fat guy somehow always finishs his SUPA ATOMIC WEDGIE with “I’m big, and you’re little!” *facepalm* Aren’t overweight people like 99.99% the ones being bullied? WTF?

Anyways, so being the stubborn, oh so reminiscence of a 4-year old, kid that nerdy short guy is, (btw his name is Peanut…WTF?) he decides to take out his anger on an ant hill, with T3H NEW WEAPON OF THE 21ST CENTURY! Wait for it…Wait for it…it’s the water pistol! >_> According to this movie, it’s like the equivalent to a death ray of some sort. Then, the kid upgrades his weaponry (cuz he gained 50 XP) to a water hose, and cuz the water hose attracts attention, is harassed by a filthy pest exterminator guy who smokes. -_-

Then the ants get this potion (that looks like earwax) and pours it down the boys ear (how ironic. Earwax down a boy’s ear) and thus the boy shrinks. Then the ants bring him to their colony, and decides to eat him. Oh noooooooooooooo. But then this godly queen ant goes “Don’t eat him, make him an ant!” Then he likes b-b-b-bombs this wasp using a large grenade during the Insect War of 2007.

In the end, the ants UNITE! and like pawn that exterminator guy with ANT POWA!!!!! It’s ironic that the movie says “Ants are the most caring creatures in the world” and then they ENSLAVE these caterpillars as like horses, and then THEY SHOOP DA WHOOP the attacking wasps! Like it is seriously impossible for any lifeform on Earth to not “bully” anything.

Well, I sure have learned an important lesson from this movie. Don’t mess with ants, or they’ll kick your @$$.

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  1. But the question still remains….why do they make the boy big again…Why didn’t they used it on themselves?Then it’s gonna be one hell of a ANT WORLD DOMINATION!!!How are we going to feel about that I ask?Yeah…so far the ants are the most deadly enemy we’ve ever seen.They have houses,they have jobs(Yeah maybe it’s a matter of time befoure they took our jobs too!!),they have a leader,they can fly too(Some of them.)….Hell it’s a matter of time befoure they start to vote too.And it will be rly bad if they start blogging too.There will be blogs and posts like-“The life of an ant.” “Ants-the anime.” “Ants-the movie.” “=A (nt)” “Frant” and a lot more like this…..

    2010/06/11 at 01:58

  2. Heh. I guess they didn’t use it because it would reduce the overall idea of this 5 year old kindergarten movie. >_> LOL Well out of the online community that I am with, we have a chinese vegetable (me), a mushroom (Mushy), a banana (awesomebananadancer), and a few that aren’t in the O-new team include a fox, a sci-fi mouse, and a warden of doom. Oh yeah, since you’re now kind of a regular at O-New, (Good for you), we also have a…flaring dark knight person…so as you can see, ants dominating the world is not the major problem that we are worried about. =/ But heck, imagine putting yourself in every character’s shoes. If I was doing that, everyone would die, and the exterminator would die in a well off the coast of Finland. :D

    2010/06/11 at 04:26

  3. Hmmm why does everyone says that my name is connected to a “Knight” when they read it?It’s Flare-Dark-Night.That’s a wizard’s name.Yeah I am a wizard.(Who don’t know any spells!!And who gets in a lot of trouble often!!)Yeah…behold my great power!!I kill dragons when I look at them!!(They die from laughing probably…)

    2010/06/11 at 15:18

  4. Maybe because you’re flaredar/knight/? :P

    2010/06/11 at 22:39