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Links Filler…so it’s a filler post with links…and other stuff

Alright so since we have no content, (unless Dave decides to post something, which is fine) this is a links filler. It’s a new category, because the majority of the time link posts are just basically filler posts…>_> I’ll stop talking crap now.

Alright so our school didn’t finish the Ant Bully movie from the last time,  so I’ll eventually be uploading a part two of the Ant Bully post because there was more stuff that I forgot, and more things that were kinda O_o. In the meantime, enjoy links that Mushy and I have provided you awesome people on O-New. Be sure to spread the word :D.

^ Piano arrange on Yukari’s 7.5 theme…!

^ Another one on Alice’s theme in 5…!

^For those of you who don’t know where “BOOM HEADSHOT!” came from, well now you know.

^One of my all time favourite videos…what it’s funny!

^He fired his lazer…of regurgitation

In addition, the E3 Expo starts June the 15th, so everyone watch. I’m a fan of Sony, but Project Natal just blew me away. Oh yeah I’m also looking forward to Killzone 3. Comment and tell me what games you look forward to.

Alright so good bye folks, and have a nice life.

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