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Vancouver Centennial ~ History of a School

Hello everyone! This is going to be kinda of a joint post between Mushy and I, as we have attended our school’s 100th birthday! (It happened on June the 3rd…so this post is a little outdated)

Anyways, a basic summary on what has happened. After 3:00, when Mushy and I get dismissed, we get PIZZA! Then, we go to the gymnasium door, and we go “Hello, elderly people. Our school is not available for you to go in yet, but would you like to listen to some…er…beautiful music?” Then they either reject you, (FATALITY!) or they just walk in, and listen to one of our teachers play the guitar and sing.

I mean, come on, it's FREE! Probably taxpayer money anyways though...

…The thing is… actually, noone went into the gym. Well, one person went in, and two more people tried to go in but were volunteers. Also, the sign on the washroom door was placed incorrectly, directing both males and females into the same room… (‐^▽^‐)オーホッホ

After that, we go up into our school. So because of the fact our school is 100 years old, (1910-2010), we have, what they named, “decade rooms”. So apparently, they’re supposed to give the person the feeling they’re stepping back into the time, where they were at the school, cuz we invited a bunch of really old people who were former graduates. Mushy and I were assigned to the 1990’s. We were disappointed, because we were aiming for T3H 1980’S!!!!!!!!!!!! But then Mushy realized the WWW and Google was invented in the 1990’s, we were like :D. Then, we saw a bunch of old people (again?>_>) and they were all like “OH the 1990’s! Sorry though, I was here in the 1930’s!) >_> There’s one thing you got to know. Old people don’t understand the power of technology. (and google)

…There were also 2 annoying people at the 2000s, but obviously that decade isn’t really awesome at all. I mean liek totally we don’t live in the 2000s now do we…?

(Actually, we don’t, as it’s 2010)

I have to admit the 2000s room had th-ITS OVER 9000!

And then in the end, we were all like “:(“, cuz a bunch of these old guys got frigging cake, and we didn’t get anything in reward…well I got fruit punch, but w/e.

…However, a few days later (a week?) we got caik too. It was about this big [                       ]… but I’m not complaining, it’s FREE for god’s sake.

But the only part that was actually interesting about the centennial was the PARKING LOT! At our school, we have a large gravel field where we like play soccer and stuffz.  But cuz there’s ton of old people with cars, they turned it into a parking lot.

Doesn't really look that amazing after all :<

It was like, the ideal place for a fictional gun fight, so Mushy and I boom headshoted each other…

Let's play soccar! GET IT?! HA. HA. HA.

Unfortunately YuChoy somehow managed to snipe me through 2 car windows… :/

…Apparently there were some speeches, though I was told they were not very good. The gym-guards got more cake at the end [Parsee] but still; I had to get back to the computer lest I succumb to deprivation depression… Oh well. Water bottles were sold (I was in the committee in charge of them), with a grand total of EIGHT. THERE WERE 300 GUESTS HOW COULD THERE HAVE BEEN ONLY EIGHT WATERBOTTLES SOLD


So er…that overall summarizes the day…

3 responses

  1. Old people!!O_O Eternal enemies from the deep parts of space!!(Lol wtf?)Whatever you do just remember to not stare at them.You will get a friend for the rest of your life…Also watch out for the old people who drive cars.They are dangerous as hell.Compared to them the guys from “Fast and furious” are like T-Rex Joe vs Donald Duck with a chainsaw.o_O Anyway at least the school seems nice.(I hope that no one will stab you in the back with sharp object or play “Catch” with little girls like in mine O_O )Also hooray for free food.The cause and solution to all of life’s problems.(That’s the alcohol not the free food…Weird Flare…)

    2010/06/16 at 06:53

  2. Some other classmate of ours claims to have saw an old man riding on a shopping cart with a sign saying “old guys rule”

    …they are so right :P

    2010/06/16 at 22:18

  3. What?They are using shopping carts now?Man…they sure advance fast.And I guess it’s just a matter of time befoure they start using airplanes too.O_O

    2010/06/17 at 01:07