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An Organizational Voyage 10

…Welp. This hasn’t been posted for a long time…

Alright. Just several miscellaneous stuff:

Firstly, that acronym for videos and such is now “V-NEW”. You’d expect it to be something like “Videos Nerfed (by) Electronic Webloggers”, but it’s actually “Videos Noone Ever Watches” :/

Secondly, I’mma start up updates to the site design (YES IT IS SO GOOD RIGHT NOW LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL TIMES NEW ROMAN), and won’t make individual system posts. Mainly just moving things ’round; I’ll add updates if there are only at the beginning of each post.

Thirdly, school still isn’t over for me, so I’ve still got stuff to do. Derp de derp.

Finally, I’ll be compiling the Summer ’10 anilist… soon.

Videos, then:

^ YUKARI IS STILL ALIVE AT THE END nico http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm11077469

^ I’d stop vid-ing music but this is just too beautiful~

3 responses

  1. Oh I watched these things 10 minutes ago.They sure are nice and beautiful.So…yeah.Not anything more to say about it…lalalalalalala…that’s Reimu’s theme.Im writing it to fill some space.I don’t like to make short comments.If I do Im gonna have nightmares of ME watching the second season of some anime.(Nnnnnnooooooo!!)…with new opening and ending that will probably suck.(Nnnnoooooo!!)And maybe all the episodes will be the same with only little changes in each.(Nnnnnnooooo why Haruhi why…?)

    2010/06/17 at 01:14

  2. Better than *cough cough* Naruto filler episodes *cough cough*

    …Well, there seem to be some pretty good ones; http://www.uk-anime.net/articles/Summer_2010_anime_preview.html here’s UK Anime’s ideas about them, as well as chartfag’s list, http://chartfag.wordpress.com/2010/05/18/summer-10/.

    I’ll post those on some other opening post later though anyways :P

    2010/06/17 at 02:29

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