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Durarara!! 23

This is blasphemy! This is madness!

(Also, we reached 3k views today! Woohoo for some attention large blogs would receive in an hour!)

The previous episode was buildup (durr (arara) hurr how surprising), and finally, after so long, there’s finally

…more buildup.


As you know from the last episode:

Good for you.

And obviously Shizuo doesn’t care very much at all. After removing the bullet he goes straight to kill Kida.

…I have to admit he’s pretty slow :/

…Then Kida gets:


Obviously, the Yellow Scarves were the Blue Square from the very beginning, and Kida gets u madded. As he’s u mad, he decides to KILL



Celty goes and talks to Mikado and finally all is revealed about everything:

...I'm... actually a lolicon.

…Actually not that, but about the leadership of their gangs >_>

Anri then rushes outside and notices that:

...Those are all aliens from another planet...

They all try to get to the Green Squarves (I didn’t invent that, Sea Slugs did)’ hideout and Kida gets there first. Apparently he’s “lost the fear” of EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (…not really) and decides to KILL Horoda. Unfortunately, Horoda’s just kind of a boring loser.

+1 repetition bonus

Horoda throws a club at Kida so he gains a weapon (specifically, a Blue Crowbar of Intellectual Speedy Strength +3 with a Black Handle of Wisdom and a White tip of Magical Attack +1), but:

...I think you've just had a really bad #SuicideSaturday...

‘Cause he’s like a pro person, he pwns several Squarves even though he’s vastly outnumbered. The Squarves were probably confused because they thought he was someone else:

I'm not Goku, seriously!

Unfortunately some random dude knocks him out but he manages to resurrect:

C'mon you know it's impossible to limbo like that

…for about a second. But he doesn’t die, not before:

...Anri slashes open a freaking SOLID STONE WALL. IN FOUR. WITH ONE SLASH.

Obviously Mikado arrives then as well (Shizuo’s /still/ not here):

Cause he needs to be cool too

…And thus ends the penultimate episode of Durarara!!.

...The trio realized that Roger went away from O-New.

…What can I say.

It’s been buildup all the way, but this is just like some EPIC EPIC buildup. The only reason /any/ anime would have so much buildup is if the finale is just as epic.

..Honestly, I think it just may be. The trio’s together (with Celty and Horoda too); Shizuo and Shinra are coming; Izaya has to show up or else it’d be pretty anticlimatic; and who knows who else will show up?

But as Izaya’s comment pointed out, the final enemy is pretty… eh. You’d expect a large battle, but Kida showed how easily the Squarves could be destroyed. Third parties have to show up, and lots of them.

…That’s the thing. Even with all this buildup, I have no idea what’s going to happen next. The main goal was to awaken Celty’s head, and that hasn’t revealed anything yet either (it’d be pretty sad if nothing happens, and Izaya ends with “oh well, I’ll have to try another plan on DURARARA!!!”, not that I wouldn’t mind a third season but this is already the climax). The other minor characters haven’t surfaced yet; Shingen appeared in like 3 or 4 episodes, Kinnosuke appeared in only 1. There’s too much of a cast to predict who’s going to appear and who’s not.

But it’s going to be epic.

And that’s what matters.

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