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Angel Beats! 12

^ Completely unrelated but pure /awesomesauce/.



After a suspicious lack of opening theme, the rest of GirlDeMo (read: useless n00bs) disappear and everyone else sets off to bully the poor shadows :(

When headspinning down a flight of stairs, remember to wear a helmet~!

…Even (skinnier) Matsushita comes to terrorize the defenseless shadows… ;_;

"That's why you should drink the Acai Berry Diet Drink!"

…Because TK + Matsushita = Awesome enough, the trio of unawesome people proceed down into Guild.

Yuri’s already there with LITTLE AMMO

so Chaa gives her a gun with AMMO

Underground should be "Ground Level" and aboveground should be "Grass Level"

Then he DISAPPEARS because he can’t FIGHT cause he’s NOOB

Anyways, Yuri gets pwnt by one of the shadows and is teleported to learn about ASCII.

"Colon plus Close Bracket equals Happy Face"

She realizes that she’s a NPC and very HAPPY to learn about ASCII.

But then, she finds that she’s supposed to be EMO for the rest of her LIFE

so she LEAVES to her own crappy LIFE

She awakes to find herself with the trio of n00bs and Tenshi, so they continue down to guild to bully those shadows.

"The Shadow Bully"

Yuri goes off by herself to steal destroy eat do something to more computers and finds an UNNAMED CHARACTER

The UNNAMED CHARACTER reveals that the entire anime is just A PROGRAM written by A PROGRAMMER. The PROGRAMMER wants to be with some RANDOM GIRL but goes INSANE and turns into a NPC.

Dood, whrs mah iPads?

Because the entire school is just supposed to be one big EMOVILLE, if there’s LOVE in the school, then everything BLOWS UP. So the shadows were created to KILL EVERYONE

Yuri realizes she can become the real GOD (and make Naoi and Christ very sad), but doesn’t want to because that’d be hacking and she’d be banned. Thus she destroys all of the computers as well as the UNNAMED CHARACTER

...I'm pretty sure you could've just... you know... shut off the power...

Everything’s supposedly saved now, and Key decides to add in random Key moments at the very end.

…Thus ends what is basically the last episode of Angel Beats.

There’s an episode after this but that probably won’t have any plot at all, just a long goodbye. I mean, if they decide to introduce /yet another/ enemy in the last episode I’m pretty sure a lot of people would stab the computer screen in frustration.

…Angel Beats is… well, I didn’t think much of it, and still am not thinking much of it. There are plotholes everywhere, this bad guy is introduced and dies in the same episode without even being named, the programmer’s likely never to appear, and the entire background of the entire anime is shown in one episode.

It feels really choppy, as if someone’s trying to pack in 100 chapters of manga into a single season, or just making up the story on the spot. As I said countless times, the enemies constantly change, the goals constantly change, and people are reintroduced a bit too suddenly (Matsushita came back after so long and all he got was 20 seconds of footage? >_> Same with Chaa…).

Then again, it’s anime, and it’s only a season long. Nevertheless I’m looking forward to the ending just to see what gets revealed (the fishing dude was actually the programmer!)…

As a final note, honestly, I think they should have just omitted the entire background story and just said “Oh yeah, cause you guys were annoying I decided to create shadows to kill you. But now I have to kill you myself! [cue epic battle scene]”

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  1. Oh man,no matter where I go Angel beats is always there.And I just made a post about it too.And….ahem…a thing which involves a mushroom,banana and…er…a green vegetable?Anyways…Angel beats is nice.Im glad that this year have some good animes.Well the past got too but…well…not so much.ALSO!Let’s write something in this comment that make no sense.PATATOE MAIDS!!!Yeah…we all have this dream when we were kids.

    2010/06/21 at 00:49

  2. Unneccesary repetition of hearts much?

    2010/06/21 at 01:17

  3. Also when I heard that Yuri saying that she can be god I thought:”Oh you just have make a referance to The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.”But then she didn’t do it.Oh I don’t know if I was dissapointed or not.Now…what would have happend if she did it?Oh we all know already. :D (Evil power-hungry Yurippe[Haruhi] is evil.)

    2010/06/21 at 01:26


    2010/06/21 at 03:41

  5. I don’t like these sort of endings, there’s this cool plot and then somebody realizes it was all a dream/similuation/program.

    2010/06/21 at 05:17

  6. They should make last episode consists of TK and Matsushita 100-Dan only.

    2010/06/21 at 06:22


    2010/06/21 at 18:38

  8. And have them do crazy headspins all day long

    2010/06/21 at 23:54