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O-NEG 3: The Company of Myself

This game. Is about a hermit.

The first level, simple and easy. Just walk over to the green box.

When you’re half-way there, new text appears.

You have now completed the first level. The instructions are easy to understand, it’s in clear text. Also, the music that accompanies it is beautiful. Things like this attract you to this game and make you want to continue playing.

Also, there is a lot of humour embedded into the dialogue of the hermit. The game continues like so until the main character learns how to create clones! (Agent Smith LOLOLOL)

Clones are transparent-y ghosty things. Shift key to make one.

The hermit continues to ramble on about stuff until there’s this flashback section. Everything is all staticky, however, there is a girl with him this time. There are a couple of levels where they have to work together, in the final flashback level, the girls has to die in order to pass the level.

The rest of the levels are simple, upon beating the game, there is a large body of text in a pretty nice font, it slowly moves down. After this cut scene, you return to the main menu screen.

Final Evaluation

Graphics: It’s nice and simple but at the same time complex. This is probably cause it’s not just a fill bucket done on an image editing software, it’s this picture that actually looks like ground. 4.5/5

Concept: Cloooooones are new for me. This game isn’t so much the game; it’s a work of art itself. Games like “Don’t look back”, “The Company of Myself” and “Loved” should be labeled something special. Abstract maybe? 5/5

Game play: The levels slowly build up, each time introducing a new skill. You have learned how to jump! After that there are a couple of challenging-ish levels. By the time you’re thinking of leaving, there are the flashback levels. The game is balanced, makes you want to keep playing.  5/5

Replayability: I would replay this game anyday. Other people, maybe not. 4/5
There’s a reason why this game is number one for the puzzle games. It’s that good. Go play it.

4 responses

  1. Oh I’ve played this befoure.It’s pretty nice.Oh that guy is just awesome.I bet his hat is meteor proofed!!Also he can create clones like it was no thing…That’s pretty handy cuz he will always be able to send one to go to work in his place.One can make him breakfast and one can go get his morning newspaper…That guy is my new personal hero!! :D (After terminator Cirno from the year 9999…”Cirno eliminates little weak meatbags!!”)

    2010/06/23 at 23:26

  2. But he has no face


    2010/06/24 at 00:14

  3. He doesn’t need a face. :P

    2010/06/24 at 00:18

  4. LOL but if he turned his head and showed his face, everyone would be overwhelmed by the awesomeness. Wait…nvm

    2010/06/24 at 02:15