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Black Lagoon Half Season Review

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Awesomebananadancer, as some of you may have noticed (meaning none of you because noone notices these types of things), is practicing for a piano examination.

However, he will be finished quite soon (today, I think). New edit: He’s finished and ninja’d my post schedule :<

Thus he will return.

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I have some really big (by that, I mean pretty small >_>) project to finish, and blogging takes a bit too much time, especially with all that video lag.

I’ll be back July the First, which means DRRR!! and AB! posts will be delayed ’till then. It’s the last episode anyways, so who cares?

I’m not going to watch Working!! nor Black Lagoon either, and will probably continue those during Summer Break.

Anyways, yeah. I’ll be back, but this is my last post for a while.



BLACK LAGOON is so freaking BADASS that I’m going to TYPE IN CAPS VERY, VERY, OFTEN.

So there’s this stupid businessman guy. He’s so stupid, that:

In fact his NAME isn't even revealed until halfway through the episode

He’s called Okajima ROKURO. It’s repeated THREE TIMES in one episode because it’s THAT EASY TO FORGET.

Then there are some obviously AWESOME people:

The one on the LEFT is REVY and the one on the RIGHT is DUTCH

Who decide that ROKURO is a WORTHLESS PIECE OF S-

So they try to ransom him for extra m$on$y$

And this is the last character, BENNY

But unfortunately they walk into a bar and someone says a lame joke some military guy starts massacring everyone.

Wait, if you think about it, that means he loves dead people... OH GOD MY EYES NOOOOOOOO

Not only do they have to pay the store owner for the damages, they now can’t really ransom off ROKURO anymore.

And then the military guy chases them with a helicopter.

A whole episode later, they get trapped but figure out a plan to escape.

It’s pretty BADASS.

Yes, that's a boat. Yes, it's flying. Yes, it's firing torpedos at a helicopter. NOTHING CAN GET MORE BADASS THAN THAT

After that, ROKURO realizes that the military guy was /HIRED/ by HIS OWN COMPANY. He quits, cause the company already arranged his funeral; thus ROKURO is DEAD and ROCK is now a Pirate in the LAGOON COMPANY.

Beyond that lies the port of immortality, Roanapra.

Revy goes off and kills 6 boats at once, and then HOTEL MOSCOW, the MAFIA client of BLACK LAGOON, copies stuff from a BATMAN movie.

I mean seriously?

It then flashes back into a EPIC world war II scene as the GERMANS flee from GERMANY.

Can't think of a witty caption either :/

They’re on a SHIP going to BATAVIA, because they’re SICK and TIRED of being stupid NAZIS. But a SS officer wants to get there with a painting, a painting by HITLER.

"I'm trying to do my homework!"

Eventually, like, a week before they finally get to BATAVIA, an ENGLISH ship PWNS them. They sink and drown, while the SS officer shoots the other people onboard. The submarine is left underwater with the painting still there.

The head of the neo-nazis. Also, that gun is unloaded :/


Certainly not these two

ROCK and REVY break into the submarine and FIND THE PAINTING. Unfortunately, FAT neo-NAZIS want the painting as well. The NAZIS take the painting but REVY and DUTCH MASSACRE them.

Well hey I have no gun but I can like kick peop- *shot*

It is revealed that some random OLD GUY hired BLACK LAGOON /AND/ the neo-NAZIS to get the painting. Inside is a bunch of PAPER containing codes for a lot of MONEY. Like, A LOT of money (I’m guessing hundreds of millions).

"The base is the Luger artill-" *shot*

REVY and DUTCH kill the neo-NAZI ’cause he ain’t 1337, and thus ends

the first half season


I can see some similarities to Working!! for this anime. One – there’s no plot. As far as I can tell, it’s just about a bunch of mercenaries beating a bunch of other people up. Two – there’s little content; AFAIK there’s not going to be much development at all. No Rock with submachine gun :/

But the difference is the tone. Black Lagoon is just FREAKING AWESOME. It’s got EVERYTHING you need for an EPIC anime (save zombies, but that’s not realistic :/).

Which is why ALL OF YOU should watch this, RIGHT NOW. Black Lagoon 2 is starting next next week, so you’ve got 24 episodes to catch up to~

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  1. The season came out already? How about the other manga?

    2010/06/24 at 02:16

  2. Season came out? No, this is the previous season; Black Lagoon 2‘s coming out next week :P

    2010/06/24 at 03:49