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O-NEB 2: Running with Scissors

Alright, so this is a serious O-NEB. If you’re looking for humour, you won’t find it here. This is a joint project between “Delby” (and I).

Running With Scissors*

My all-time favourite book is Running with Scissors, a memoir written in 2002 by author Augusten Burroughs. It tells the story of Burrough’s extremely awkward childhood, beginning at the time when his mother had left him to live with her psychiatrist. at age twelve (after a brief overview of his life as a child). The book begins with Burroughs early childhood in a clean and orderly home, obsessing over his clothes, hair, accessories, and having great potential, with his parents constantly fighting in the background. His parents finally divorce, and his decision to leave with his mother leads him to Northampton, Massachusetts, where Dr. Finch, her psychiatrist, lives. Burroughs recalls how the house was always busy, with many people such as Dr. Finch’s biological and adopted children, his wife and often a couple of his patients. There was almost never a time of peace or quiet, as Dr. Finch believed that at the age of 13, anything done by any individual is their own business. In result, the children grew up in an environment where rules did not exist, and consequently,it is in these circumstances that Burroughs learned to mature. The book covers his many ‘feats’, such as having a sexual relationship with a 33 year old man when he was 13, running under a waterfall, and walking in on his mother during (lesbian) sex. Throughout the book, Burroughs learns to adapt and change to his surroundings, and nearing the end of the story, he becomes capable of making his own decisions. The book ends with him and one of Finch’s daughters, Natalie, leaving Massachusetts. The reasons why I say that this is my favourite book is not only because of the humour, but it allows me to take a glimpse of this man’s life and how hard it has been for him, yet he is still alright, even able to write a book about it. It is a fascinating read, and although the content may be more suitable for an older audience, I’d recommend this to everyone.

*Thanks Delby

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  1. O_o I really dont get the lesbian stuff. :P No just jking I already commented about that at school. Anyways, on a scale of 1-10, how appropriate is it for teenagers. 0 for adults only…ish.

    2010/06/28 at 04:12

  2. Well, this book is an autobiography. It just proves that you can amount to something in life even if your parents are drug addicts or alcoholics or something like that.

    2010/06/28 at 04:14

  3. Yuchoy thinks my titles need to be more attractive (Type in CAPS, add lots of exclamation marks, etc.) Reply if you think I should. Cause, seriously, I don’t do stuff like that.

    2010/06/28 at 04:16

  4. The titles is alright I guess…it all depends on style.My post titles for example mostly don’t have anything to do with the post at all.(But again Im kind of weird so…yeah.)

    Oh and that book sounds awesome.I like books about real life stuff.(But where are the explosions?And the blood?And the monstaaas?)Ok just kidding.But seriously…that’s a book worth of spending time on.

    2010/06/28 at 05:38

  5. Alcoholics are monsters aren’t they? But yeah, I’m lucky to have awesome parents, some people suicide cause they get no support.

    2010/06/28 at 05:46

  6. I don’t really care. And I’m the boss so I win :P

    But yeah, all your choice….

    2010/06/28 at 22:52