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Life Update: End of school

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Monday, June 28.

Our school had an awards assembly! You have just won the Community-Minded Citzenship Badge and 30 points! So, basically we stood up, sat back down and clapped continuously for about an hour. Regardless of all the pain from clapping, the assembly was well worth our time.

Following that, we had a luncheon involving two classes and the parents of all the students. It was awesome, you hardly ever get to eat such a variety of foods. Mushroooooommss… Here’s a picture of what I ate, and yes, I am aware that the picture is humongous.

Er… yeah, in the middle of lunch, we stopped. To say thank you to our parents for doing stuff for us through out the year e.g. encouraging us to do our homework in loud ways. The thank you letters didn’t take as long as expected so we were able to eat dessert earlier. The cake is a lie!

After an hour of delightful conversation and food, we headed up stairs to listen/watch some people perform their talents. Again, a picture,  because of privacy concerns (basically we don’t want you to stalk them on Facebook) we have drew a circle over people’s faces.

After talent show part, we went home. The end, till graduation:

Graduation. The event that takes place on the last day of school for everybody. This event may not mean much to you if you’re just a wee little kid in kindergarten but if you’re the person graduating or you were in the class of the person graduating, this ceremony means the world to you.

I can positively say that before I even went to school for the ceremony, I knew that song by Vitamin C,Graduation would be played. I knew this because of two things. One, it suited the event, after all, it is a graduation ceremony. Two, it’s in the same freaking chord progression as Canon in D. You can find that chord progression in literally any type of music! Since I play the piano, I find people switching slowly to the chord progression “I-V-VI-IV” but whatever, can’t people invent their own progressions?


Anyway, Vitamin C-Graduation is gonna be played. The other thing that’s going to happen is pictures. All the parents need at least 42 pictures of their children in their pretty grad costume, but since the ceremony is in pitch black darkness except for a light following the grads, they use flash. These bolts of light stream out faster than Usain Bolt sprinting the 100 meter. However, we know these pictures are for a good cause so we bear with getting our eyes burned alive with flashy cameras. *looks at watch* I’m going to the ceremony, will recap it this afternoon. With pictures of people and other random irrelevant stuff.

After the ceremony

Oh my god, I’m going to miss everybody. The day itself was epic, graduation ceremony had the two things I expected, also the grad art was really cool. After the ceremony you could see everybody taking pictures, typical. Nobody really cried or felt sad until the end of the day. The moment the bell rang, nobody ran out of the class screaming. We all talked about window-cleaning fluid and slowing walked our way out of school. Hugs were exchanged, tears streamed down people’s faces and warm goodbye’s were said. What an excellent end to the school year.

It was made out of paper plates, government funding cuts, much?
As expected. :P
Although graduation is truly a bittersweet moment, it’s a beautiful thing.

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  1. Nooooo I was hoping for some nice stalking,but there you go-way to go to ruin someone’s day.And…oh my that’s some nice food I see.Is that a slice of pizza near the cucumbers-looking-things?You can’t put a slice of pizza with other food…you just…can’t.I don’t know why but…oh nevermind.

    2010/06/30 at 00:31

  2. You can. There were three whole pizzas but when I went to eat, all of them were gone.



    2010/06/30 at 00:34

  3. IKR? A certain somebody took 3 slices, maybe that’s why. >:O

    2010/06/30 at 03:16

  4. Erica… grr

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