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Durarara!! 24 [Completed]


Well. Thus ends what is arguably the best show of this season, and maybe even of this year (as only 2 seasons have gone by :P).

I realize that this post is quite late, but I just watched this episode half an hour ago, so…

Anyways, the episode starts off where last episode left off with the trio (and Celty) meeting up in the Green Squarves’ lair.

Just as the Squarves were about to “finish” them off, Kadota and some Dollars appear to “save the day”.


It is revealed that the Dollars infiltrated the Green Squarves by putting on… a yellow scarf. Then nobody recognized them.

Kadota has a lot of best friends. And why's Kida able to stand now?!

Anyways, Kida KOs Horoda and the trio hug and random stuff like that. WHILE PEOPLE FIGHT IN THE BACKGROUND.

...Well, some of them dance as well.

Anyways, the Dollars (with THIRTY, count that, THIRTY people) manage to beat the Green Squarves (who have less than THIRTY, count that, LESS THAN THIRTY PEOPLE).

The final fight? You can probably count all those people. Nothing like an epic war.

Anyways, Horoda escapes by car but Celty chases him. They run into Shizuo who (after being shot) SWINGS A GIANT SIGN AT THEM, SLICING THEIR CAR IN HALF.

Congratulations! You win the race.

But still they continue, until they run into Kinnosuke, who sticks his foot out and slams it against their car, while they’re still driving…?!

You've got guts, putting your foot on a car.

Anyways, you then move on to Anri, who confronts Izaya. She announces:

"What! I thought you were going to use that knife to cut sushi!"

They battle and stuff.

Nevertheless the Information Broker and The Pocket Knife of Blood manage to escape.

As he prances along the street, Simon punches him and he… gets punched.

(I actually flipped this picture upside-down)

Saki confesses to Kida and they leave Ikebukuro on a train to somewhere.

Where did they get the money? And what happened to his head injuries?!

Finally, Mikado reveals that “In a way, nothing changed at all” (look at the picture above!), and that everything was right where it was before – the Dollars are still Dollaring; Kadota’s gang still being obsessed with animanga; Simon still “UMAI YO SUSHI YO”ing; Shizuo still depleting Japan’s national vending-machine budget;


Kinnosuke still arresting; Shinra and Celty still… being Shinra and Celty; Namie still being a minor character noone cares about; Mika and Seiji still being creepy; Shingen still being a character that appears once and everyone forgets about because there’s no way to incorporate him into the plot anymore; that girl who Izaya tried to make commit suicide still being a gray character, forgotten by everyone else; Dennis still throwing knives at random customers; Izaya still brokering information; Anri still cutting random people; Mikado still being an anonymous administrator; and

Celty's head still doing nothing because everyone forgot about this plot thread.

The only thing that’s really changed is that Horoda is gone, the Green Squarves have probably disbanded somewhat (but will revive again), and that Kida’s gone.

Well, what do these have in common? They’re all gang-war related people. Which means that most likely, this is merely the “gang war” arc, if it decides to have a second (third?) season.

…Well, yeah. There seems to be much disappointment about the latter half of DRRR!, which I completely agree with – the epic war that we were expecting so far ago is what, a battle between 60-70 people?

What’s more, the bringing back of the minor characters seems to be just that, a bringing back. There’s absolutely no reason to bring Namie back into the spotlight, neither of Kinnosuke; they both get less than half a minute of screentime.

"Let's watch some anime while everyone else fights a bloody war."

And these people deserve to get their less than 10 seconds of screentime just for how awesome they are.

I think they’re trying too hard. This ends not even halfway through the novels’ plot; the anime producers are trying too hard to tie everything together, to create a climax where there’s not supposed to be a climax. Maybe they’re just trying to end the season with a bang in hopes of another season, but if that’s so, then there’s virtually nothing to build on now. All the tension is gone. Ikebukuro, is, as Mikado said, back to normal. If it’s not for another season, then this wasn’t a good way to end either. They should have planned a lot in advance and actually squeezed in the final battle, maybe even removing this entire gang arc.

But as Scamp mentioned, “can one really complain when an A+ becomes an A-?” Durarara!!’s opinions were relative. We expected a better climax, a more.. climatic one. We got less than we expected. But still, DRRR!! is far better than some of the other anime we’ve seen this year. In fact, I’d even call it the best of this year, for its vibrant plotline, brilliant use of characters, and for… interesting scenes:


There are several things I just need to question though. First is money – how does Mikado, Anri, and Kida live alone without a job? Probably some Japanese governmental thing I don’t know about, but still. Secondly, how can Kida STAND after those head injuries, and be COMPLETELY HEALED in a day (or two, I don’t know)?! Thirdly, how did they manage to TALK while so many other people were FIGHTING right behind them? Fourthly; there were sixty people in the war. Couldn’t Celty just swing twice and injure EVERYONE? Anri’s there too, and she can probably slash them all as well, if Kida could attack them that easily. Why did Kadota have to appear? Finally, when Shizuo threw the pole at Horoda and their car caught on fire… well… why didn’t it explode?

Oh well. Those are just minor details nobody cares about anyways :P

In conclusion, I liked Durarara!!. It was much deeper than other anime (though that’s not really saying a lot), had a much more complicated plotline, and had brilliant execution on top of that. Even so, the ending could have definitely improved by quite a bit, though I have no idea by which means.

If they make a new season, I’d definitely watch it – this season ended on quite a big cliffhanger, even though it concluded everything but the cliffhanger – Celty’s head is still there.

Overall rating: 7/10 (Brilliant)

Finally, obligatory Shinra-face image:

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