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Rant on Workbooks

Alright, so recently, I looked at textbooks for “harmony 4”. They were the freaking size of a dictionary. I hate workbooks. I hate textbooks. I pretty much hate any sort of giant book that contains repeated information. I mean, if you look at one of these harmony 4 books, they teach the concept on the first page, they give some exercises to you on the second. The other 20 pages in the section are to torture you with repeated questions that don’t mean the slightest thing to you any more.

Also, the week before your exam, all your parents do is tell you to go study. “Why are you playing computer games? Go study!” The dreaded day before your exam, everything is living hell, there’s no internet. The moment you step out of your room, “what are you doing out here, go back to your room and study!” One more thing, they’re so fricken heavy, especially when you have one for every subject.

However, there’s still one reason why I still use them.

They’re useful.

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