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V-NEW 2: SSoHPKC’s Videos


As it happens, I really enjoy watching videos of video game walkthroughs, mostly made by the guy above.

Obviously, this is a review, so I have review his on his walkthroughs and stuff.

SSoH does a good job of finishing a game, but he (apparently) suffers from three major problems: a) dislike of finding secrets (I love secrets, but I won’t hold it against him here), and b) difficulty completing puzzles that are not straightforward, as well as c) a somewhat lack of observation skills. He does do shooters well, as well as Mario-like games. Some of his most notable videosets: CoD: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer (apparently he has a K/D of 3+), his Fallout 3 Walkthrough, and his Super Kaizo World Walkthrough.


  • +Variety: 2991 videos and soon to be more, as well as about 226 videos in his original Fallout 3 walkthrough and 100 in his Modern Warfare gameplay.
  • +Commentary: Humourous live recording, not too much swearing (but still some there), nicely humourous with an enjoyable style.
  • +Active posting: SSoHPKC posts about 4-10 videos a day. This leads me to far behind on my subscriptions :/, but I have spare time NOW THAT IT’S SUMMER MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAAAAAA
  • -Puzzles: Often, SSoHPKC will end up spending a frustrating amount of time looking for the solution to an in-game problem, whilst viewers scream the answers at their computer screens, in futile hopes.

Watch his videos. I recommend starting with Fallout 3 Walkthrough (not the redux), or if you don’t like an abundance of gore, stick to either Super Mario Galaxy or New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

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