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Angel Beats! 13 [Completed]

An announcement: There’s an Angel Beats! Wiki. @_@

What he has black and blue hair

Anyways, with the shadows and the one-time baddie gone, it’s time for an episode-long denouement.

After yet another suspicious lack of opening theme, it is revealed that…

...The zombie infection spread through the land.

Er, actually Yuri wakes up after a pretty long nap.

They decide to GRADUATE cause they have nothing else to do.

Yuri also becomes a Leadere

While walking, Hinata mention that Takamatsu has somehow MAGICALLY became a normal person and disappeared, even though before, they mentioned that NPCs will NEVER turn back. Yay for plotholes~!

Tenshi (why am I still using that name? I don’t know. Whatever) reveals that she’s NEVER GRADUATED BEFORE AND THUS SHE IS YOUNGER THAN THIRTEEN YEARS OF AGE


So they start the graduation ceremony with a sign that’s almost as bad as ours’ (albeit not with LETTERS ON PAPER PLATES >:| )

"C'mon, we have FIVE people in this world, FIVE PEOPLE. Do you expect us to have a large budget?!"

Because they have to, they sign their school anthem. It goes something like this:

In which case, the full song is:

“From the dead world in the sky,
We bring you a familiar number.
Eat some before you die:
Mapo tofu!
What the hell is this song?!
Mapo tofu!
What the hell is this song?!
Mapo tofu!
What the hell is this song?!
Mapo tofu!
What the hell is this song?!
Mapo tofu!
But Key cut the full version of the song for production purposes. :/

They then get nice-looking graduation certificates that AREN’T TYPED OUT BY A COMPUTER EVEN WITHOUT THE PRINCIPAL’S PROPER SIGNATURE :V

Nothing witty here :/

Otonashi gives some sort of speech about how good Macrosoft Windings are compared to Applo Mics, while everyone else realizes that Linexs are actually the best.


They sing some sort of Japanese song praising their teacher or something-and-other, and finally, start disappearing.

"Of course I'm late, all of us are dead."

Everyone else leaves afterwards as well.

Suddenly, in a somewhat-surprising yet expected-because-this-is-Key turn of events, Otonashi confesses his love to Tenshi, who reveals that… she has his heart?!

You're so heartless, man

After Otonashi died, he donated his heart out by signing that form that was conveniently in his pocket, right? Well, it seems that Tenshi got that heart, so she could live, so she could die. Except she got there before Otonashi, which probably means something like this happened:

Red is Otonashi, Blue is Tenshi. SSS refers to the afterlife world, not exactly SSS.

They hug, and Kanade disappears.

Otonashi disappears too, and…


What can I say?

That was brilliant.

Well, of course the plot holes are there, were there, and always will be there, but does that matter?

To me, they do (not what you expected, huh? :P).

Firstly. Takamatsu’s disappearance. Why would they come to such a conclusion? They treat the everyday rules of life as minor things that can be changed. Shouldn’t people care more about those things?

Secondly, the time-twist. Where would Otonashi be lost at, if that were to happen? Some other “border world (where Yukari obviously does not exist)” between the SSS world and real life?

Thirdly, the programmer. Is nothing at all revealed about him? NOTHING? He’s some random anonymous person introduced, not even BY NAME in the PENULTIMATE episode? This goes again with my theory; the enemy changes every episode. Except in this episode there are no enemies.

Fourthly, the ending. This is debated quite a lot; how is the ending possible? Maybe Otonashi and Tenshi are both, merely players of a .hack-style MMORPG. In a vegetable state due to their near-death encounters, they are forced to emotionally cope with it while doctors physically attempt to cure them. This is one possibility. Another is that they are reincarnated; but they shouldn’t be reincarnated with their memories. That would defy all basic tenets of the universe. Yet, if they didn’t reincarnate with their memories, how would Otonashi know to chase after Tenshi?

Fifthly; how did the NPCs all go away? Were they merely NPCs, consumed by the shadows and then shot to death by the SSS? Or did they “disappear” as well? I find it highly unlikely that all the NPCs turned into shadows; if they did, Yuri would have no need to sabotage the computer-bot’s computers, as the sources of shadows would stop. Maybe the SSS just burned all of the NPCs in that incinerator?

Sixthly; how does the economy work? Where do they get those computers, those tickets, those vending machines, food, everything?! Probably “from another person” is the answer, but even so, SOMEONE has to make them. I find it highly unlikely that in all these years the SSS didn’t even bother to investigate such details.

Finally some minor things I would have liked to have seen:

Tenshi’s full backstory. What would make her be opposed by everyone in the SSS? Although the minor “oh yeah, I took your heart after you died” served well for most people, it didn’t reveal anything about why her personality would be like.. her personality. Though I agree, a full flashback would be inappropriate on the last episode, showing a full flashback earlier, or even just a broader, basic story in this episode would have been nice.

Secondly; the exploration beyond the school. Why has nobody even mentioned the possibility of going beyond the school to other places? There can’t be just this and endless miles of forest, there has to be something else. What kind of afterlife can hold 150k+ people a day, if it’s only THIS BIG?

In a small deviation, what’s the rising star in the background? Is it the soul of Otonashi transcending the world of choppy plotlines? Or just some random thing that Key wanted to add to make it seem more Key-like?

And you all know what the third thing is.

TK’s backstory.

There probably wasn’t enough time to fit all of this in; as Kurogane said, “Maeda sure doesn’t know what pacing is even if it was a 380-pound albino gorilla wearing the Brazilian jersey emblazoned with the words “PACING” and blowing a vuvuzela to each ear.”

Anyways, I think I’ve been analyzing a bit much; quoted from we love maids, “you have to turn off your brain to enjoy this epis­ode.” I’m not going to turn my brain off as I haven’t turned it off since I was born (hence my dislike of most moe-blob shows), but this was an enjoyable episode nonetheless.

If there is a sequel, I’d look forward to it. It has no plotline left? Well, @ScarletStriker made me think of an interesting idea; that in the future, the Angel Beats! characters meet up /in real life/ to do something. As for that something, I don’t know, cause there obviously aren’t going to be any FMA-blade wielding angels in real life :P

In conclusion, Angel Beats! was an interesting show. It had an interesting premise, a satisfactory plotline, good execution and excellent characters. Its music was brilliant as well, which was fully explored in this episode. Arguably one of the best this season, and I fully support that.

Overall Rating: 6/10 (Amazing)

16 responses

  1. Well it wasn’t a bad TV I guess.But if you’ve watched all of KEY’s work you won’t be surprised by the plot and the ending of this.After all,their works are all the same.Kanon,Air,Clannad,Angel beats…(And all their novels that didn’t turned into a TV) are all like-“Hello.We all have something to do with another dimension and with girls who are connect to it by something.Also there be the main hero,who solves everyone’s problems and in the last episode-the problem of the girl he loves.” But I loved this(Maybe cuz I love this kind of stuff) so 10/10 for me.And I hope you made a post about the AB special.YAY Kanade.(That last one I just said just for the heck of it.)

    2010/07/03 at 01:41

  2. error404care

    I don’t remember the exact words but Kanade (Tenshi) isn’t dead, she’s merely “lost” because she wanted to thank whoever gave her a heart. The theory that’s been going around is that she’s just in a coma or something waiting for that one person (and was given permission by “god” to be in that purgatory school thingy?) and then when she disappears (because she now has no regrets)she regains consciousness. That would kinda explain why she remembers the song at the end at least.

    As for Otonashi… I guess it’s like, he’s accomplished pretty much all he wanted to do (be useful to everybody? give back and have some selflessness?) especially giving life after dying (Kanade getting his heart). So in that sense he could have stayed in the pre-afterlife purgatory school of NPCness (because it seems like it gets repopulated at the end? apparently souls stopped getting there randomly when it wasn’t a good time for them to pop?) to pretty much do what he did for SSS but I guess he got that 1% chance to be reborn as a human, and on top of that he’s similar to his old-self!

    Or the .hack dream theory could apply, it’s not like we know enough to say for sure

    Just like you said, way too many plotholes and many characters were overlooked (how could he skip TK? come onnnnnn) but overall a decent series. I kinda would’ve liked 24 or 26 ep although I think it could’ve been overkill. If anything, 20 eps (to give proper main character endings) + 1-2 to explain what the hell those 10 last seconds of the show meant (and the random Matrix programmer sequence).

    2010/07/03 at 03:01

  3. Woah, first textwall on this blog :P
    Yeah, if the Kanade-lost theory is true, that would explain why she’s still there in the epilogue. But for Yuzuru (Otonashi), it’s still a bit far-fetched; a 1% chance shouldn’t be “coded” into anything, as it’d be too much of an anomaly (seen any games/universes where there’s a 1% chance to get anything? Noone codes things less than 10%) and too much hassle. If the “programmer” did “code” this world, I doubt he’d make something like that.
    Which makes the entire universe even more complicated.
    But yeah, I agree – 20 episodes would have been better. Flush out the backstory and the meaning behind the world, add a few snippets about the people we hardly knew anything about (Matsushita 5th Dan, Christ, and of course, TK), more epic battle scenes and elaborate on the “programming” and you’d have a nice little world.
    Nevertheless, the ending was just that, an ending. I would have /liked/ to see it revealed, but everything needs to end and this was a satisfying one.

    I think they said somewhere, that they knew that the anime wasn’t enough; thus they create a variety of media to detail the AB! universe. I’m pretty sure there’s a short manga series out and I think a 4koma and radio broadcast as well, but I don’t know.

    Looking forward for the next episodes coming out in December though :D

    2010/07/03 at 03:15

  4. AB special? I don’t think that’s out yet, or I haven’t heard of it… :/

    2010/07/03 at 03:20

  5. error404care

    oh the 1% thing was just from when uhhh, hm, in the first or 2nd episode when Otonashi was just looking to disappear from the world somebody had told him that when he disappears he reincarnated in something living but there was like only a 1% chance to actually be a human (and then a running gag about barnacles iirc?)

    I think the programmer is more like…an illusion or an NPC with another personality, in that he isn’t exactly the one who made everything but like a messenger for anyone who’d end up finding that secret room. Perhaps a last ditch effort to not entirely change the world (and lol @ Yuri’s epic “I’ll take over the world, oh wait I have Kanade now, nvm sane.”

    There’s a manga being translated right now ( http://www.mangatoshokan.com/series/Angel-Beats-Heavens-Door ) that focuses on Hinata and Yuri before the anime happens (so we might get some fillers on how the world works?). Def can’t wait for the 4koma to get translated. They announced new eps in December?

    2010/07/03 at 03:30

  6. Good post.

    Loved the full mapo tofu song.

    2010/07/03 at 03:33

  7. error404care

    Another plothole is how Kanade got in the pre-afterlife purgatory school of NPCness (for lack of better words) before (it seems) members of the SSS. We don’t really know any order in who appeared before who (I think Yuri got there after Kanade but I can’t recall any confirmation on that) aside from Otonashi being the last to join them. The only way I see this happening is Kanade falls into coma because of her fail heart, Otonashi dies from his injuries (last minute fail), Kanade gets the heart and either:
    a. magically knows she got a new heart and now knows she has to thank the one who will obviously be there (she supposedly wanders around and got lost trying to find that person, maybe she visited other worlds?)
    b. snaps out of it, asks “god” to send her back to thank the one guy.

    b. doesn’t make much sense because we don’t have any clue as to if she ever left the pre-afterlife purgatory school of NPCness and we can only assume she’s been there for a while if she had enough time on her hands to learn how to use the Angelwhatever program.

    a. kinda assumes she knows her donator is someone who has regrets and is bound to be in the pre-afterlife purgatory school of NPCness, but not everybody dies with regrets so who knows.

    plotholes, meh.

    2010/07/03 at 03:38

  8. Eh. About the next episodes in December, I’m not sure, I think I just read something about that on Wikipedia.
    Another way is that she bent the fabric of spacetime. This is going past logic now, and I have no idea what I’m talking about from this point on so don’t quote me on anything >_>
    If you think of our world as just a straight line, going from past to future, normally everyone would be on that line. From that of a normal person on the line, no matter how the line is twisted two, three, four, or n-dimensionally, it’s still a one-dimensional line to us.
    Kanade could have been living on the second dimension, when she could see the twists in the line. Because the line twists, she might have somehow teleported to the past /after/ her death into the SSS world.

    It’s possible that everyone in the SSS are from completely different timeperiods, because the only people who go into this school are people who bent the fabric. Imagine you have a curved line, and a point not on that line. The SSS members know that they’re on a curved line (as opposed to us, who only know we’re on a straight line), and somehow “jumped” from the line onto the point; the SSS world.
    However, that would make no sense as it seems everyone went there from the present.

    What does this mean?

    It means it’s just another 13-episode anime that we shouldn’t spend time analyzing >_>
    But if more were revealed on the backstory and logistics of the world, or if we just had more information to crunch, this may seem more plausible…

    2010/07/03 at 18:58

  9. error404care

    lol yeah pretty much.
    it fucked way too much with timelines and gave absolutely no explanations so it’s hard to tell. We don’t even know if time applies in the pre-afterlife purgatory school of NPCness, only that you “apparently” have to eat drink and sleep just like in real life. There is the phenomenon of day and night but is it equivalent to one earthen day? (kinda like how in Dragon Ball and Negima they have alternate areas that don’t follow the same times rules as we know)

    iirc what I read on Wiki was that episodes were gonna be sold by sets of 2 (so dvd 1 = ep1/2, dvd 2 = ep3/4, etc.) and that the last box would have the final episode + 1 unaired special episode (could be fanservice or actual explanations, who knows)

    2010/07/03 at 20:21

  10. Actually, I doubt they have to eat; Yuri survived for 3 days while sleeping, and didn’t eat anything after that either…

    2010/07/04 at 00:22

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  13. Jay

    1. Takamatsu: It’s wrap-up time. There’s some fans out there who like the character & don’t want to think he’s “lost” forever. Convenient, no?

    2. Time twist: We really don’t know how space/time works in other “places” so for all we know, “Everybodys doin’ the twist!” (Chubby Checker, 1959. Geez! I’m old enough to remember that!)

    3. The “Progammers’ identity: Jun Maeda & company. Maybe they thought everyone would assume that.

    4. Maybe they didn’t get “reincarnated” as such. Maybe they’re in a “new heaven/new earth” (Rev. 21:1) “millenium” kind of deal. It’s fun to speculate with “theology”.

    5. NPCs: They became unimportant in ep 13 as their interaction wasn’t needed so they were “written out”. I seem to recall there were some seen in the distance on the playing fields as Kanadae & Yzuru descended the steps in the closing scenes. By the way. I’m an NPC (Not Politically Correct).

    6. The economy: Very few folks, let alone viewers, actually think about how exchange systems work in the real world. We just accept things at “face value”. Guess the creators thought the same. Besides, one can always get a few friends together, a diversionary rock band …..

    7. Tenshi/Kanadaes’ backstory: Her role seemed more of a plot device than as a character. Hence really no more background was needed than necessary to carry the story.

    8. Exploration beyond the school: Understandable. When I was in school, all I could think about was getting the heck out of there!

    I remember a minor horror film from the 70s called “The Legacy”. No matter how far or in what direction they drove, they always ended up back at the mansion. Maybe PA works didn’t want to waste an episode on that.

    Actually I know the real reason why Yuri or anyone else chose not to “go over the hill”. NObody wants to go to Michigan. Darn Wolverines! Go Bucks!

    9. The “sparklie”: “Rapture bunnies” would love this show if they could get around the “Shinto/Bhudist” beliefs also “stated” in this series. Yes, that was Kanadaes’ or Yzurus’ soul ascending. Sorta/kinda like the ending to Cowboy Bebop.

    10. TKs’ back story: I like the way the character was “underplayed” & didn’t dominate the show. An American production would have had him too much in the “foreground”. A backstory would have been nice.

    More thoughts & ruminations here:


    2011/02/06 at 21:11

  14. No

    2011/02/07 at 12:17

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