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[Rant] Talking about Anger

I had to write about things that made me angry (along with some of my friends) and how I should deal with them. Enjoy.

I get angry when I’ve been playing the last boss level for Epic war 2 and I’m 1000 HP from beating him ,then I die. If I lose my temper i might spaz and destroy my computer. The right thing to do is use a walkthrough.

(Note: Idea by Isaac) I also get angry when I can’t force the poop out of my butt (and it gets stuck halfway). If I lose my temper I could get constipation or I might get stuck in the toilet. the right thing to do is to use Pepto Bismo.

JUSTIN BIEBER MAKES ME MAD!!! If lose my temper, the world will end. The right thing to do is to capture him in a Pokeball and never let him see the light of day again.

Osama Bin Laden is scary, he makes me mad.If I lose my temper, DEAD PEOPLE. Burn pictures of him then bomb his home, then everything will be rainbows and sunshine and happiness again.

Lady Gaga isn’t human, she’s scary. AND SHE MAKES ME MADDDDDD!!! If I lose my temper she might make more music videos *shudders* The right thing to do is censor everything she does.

Last one, overly fat people. More McDonalds resturants might appear *faints*. THE RIGHT THING TO DO IS TO EAT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE FAT PEOPLE. Like a man.

5 responses

  1. Mmmm I hate gypsys.They are ugly,they steal,they beat white people and they destroy and make dirty everything they touch.Now don’t get the wrong idea of me being racist.I love all other cultures and their traditions and stuff,but I hate gypsys.

    People who cry and complain about stupid stuff.Come on,don’t show how miserable you are in front of the whole world…that’s what the family is for.(Include emos here too.)

    Balcanic red ants-They attack people!!!And they eat people!!!And I always bump into them when I go to work.(Me is mushroom picker)

    The lack of liquor.NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO.(Not addicted,but I need at least one or two cans of beer a day.)

    Flies-A man cannot get a good sleep with them around.Also they spit in our food or even lay an eggs in it.DEATH TO THE FLIES!

    Internet trolls-Way the go to show how stupid you are…

    And last-Animes with all of the things above.(Or with some of them)

    2010/07/05 at 00:47

  2. Agreed. Also, wet swim suits. Those kill…

    2010/07/05 at 00:52

  3. That’s a bit racist about the gypsies :P

    Woah, you’re really a mushroom-picker? I hope that’s a joke…

    2010/07/05 at 03:06

  4. Nope it’s not.And it’s pretty cool job.You can earn more in a week than other people can earn in a month.(Silly office workers…you don’t earn good money for just sitting in front of the computer.Science has proved that a long time ago…)And yeah…you are lucky for being poisonous mushroom mushy. :D :D

    2010/07/05 at 10:26

  5. Pics or no… something. I forgot how it went.

    2010/07/05 at 19:14